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Ghost Master Walkthrough Deadfellas

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Your objective is to make Don Bartholomew believe in ghosts.

There are four trapped spirits in this scenario. Fingers is fettered to the piano in the ship's lounge.

Fingers is in need of remembering just the right tune.

Trapped in the casino you'll find another trapped spirit, Knuckles.

Knuckles seeks revenge on the dealer.

Down on this deck is Flash Jordan, bound to her ashes in the Don's bedroom.

Flash Jordan needs someone to 'bust her loose.'

Way down here in the ship's bowels you'll find Wavemaster.

Wavemaster needs someone to operate the bilge pump to be set free.

To start, you must first build some plasm. Binding Weatherwitch to this central corridor and setting her band to Thunderclap is a good choice.

Setting Buck loose to chase the mortals is also a good idea. Order him to roam for maximum impact.

Bind Quiver near the bilge pump controls. Cast Insane Invitation to lure the mortals to the lower deck. You can also pre-position Raindancer here.

Once someone descends the stairs and you have enough plasm, have Raindancer cast Flood.

Seeing the flood, the mortal will operate the bilge pump.

Wavemaster is now yours to control.

Hear that tune that Jude Klous is whistling? It's the tune that Fingers has been trying to remember.

Bind Quiver near the piano and cast Insane Invitation. You can also cast Fool's Errand to get Klous up here, or use a combination of the two.

Once Jude whistles the tune near the piano, Fingers is all yours.

Now for Knuckles. Bind Lucky to the roulette wheel and cast Luckstorm.

It may take some patience, but after a while a lucky mortal will show up to play, and hopefully win.

They'll need to win three times in a row. Once they do, Knuckles is free and at your command.

Make sure you bring Banzai, whom you freed in the last level. Bind him to this plant and cast Quake.

A cutscene shows Flash Jordan's urn breaking apart.

She'll possess the first person who walks by, and be free to work as your newest spirit.

Now to focus on Don Bartholomew's belief level. Indoor weather, like this hailstorm in the bathroom, are good at building belief.

You can bind Knuckles to Don's bed, order Knuckles to pick on Don, and stay at the Possess power band. When Don comes near he'll become possessed by Knuckles.

The blue rings surrounding Don indicate that his belief is rising. After his belief rises midway you'll receive this notice that Don will soon believe.

Don's belief eventually rises enough for him to jump overboard, completing the level objective.