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Ghost Master Walkthrough Weird Seance

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There are three trapped spirits in this level. Here on the main level you'll find Lucky.

Lucky tells you that the pinball machine is warm and inviting - unless someone wins.

Once the mortals are scared, they don't much like playing pinball, so work on freeing Lucky straight away. Start by ordering Lucky to use only the current power band. This way the mortals won't be frightened away by other spells.

Once a mortal starts playing pinball, have Lucky cast 'Charm' on them to improve their game.

Once a mortal wins, Lucky is free. One down, two to go.

The level's second trapped spirit, Wendel, can be found here on the upstairs level.

Wendel tells you that he wants you to scare the Alpha Tau president.

A check of the mortal pack reveals that Ted Gable is the Alpha Tau president. He's right next to Wendel, asleep in his bed. Set Wendel to cast 'Laughter' and wake up Ted.

Now you need to build some plasm. Setting Terroreyes, the level's third trapped spirit, to 'Fascinate' and binding Boo to the same room works well.

Once you have enough plasm, bind Aether to the area outside Terroreyes' window and cast 'Shattering Song.'

Terroreyes' jar is shattered, setting him free. Two down, one to go.

Follow Ted Gable around, binding ghosts nearby. Here you see Stonewall about to scare with a 'Tremor'.

Keep up the fright and Ted will flee in terror.

Wendel is now free - three out of three! Now all you have to do is scare the rest of the mortals out of the house.

Bind Wendel to a room with a mortal and set him to 'Chase.' You can repeat this for a sure-fire way to scare the mortals out of their wits!

Down in the basement you'll find the socially maladjusted. Binding Lucky to the boiler and casting 'Strange Behavior' will get them moving.

You can even bind Terroreyes to this deer head for a good centrally-located scare.

Send them all fleeing and complete the level.