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Ghost Master Walkthrough Haunting 101

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Here is your haunt, the Kappa Lambda sorority house.

Follow the tutorial's instructions. Binding Clatterclaws to the room where the girls are watching TV is a good way to get started.

Watching your victims squirm with fright is a distinctive pleasure of Ghost Master.

The only puzzle in this level is finding and freeing the witch-spirit, Weatherwitch. You'll find her as indicated by the arrow above.

Click on Weatherwitch and she will tell you her tale of woe. The key words in her monologue are 'electric broomstick.'

There is a convenient electrical fetter near the 'broomstick'. Bind Cogjammer to the boom box and set his power band to 'Wild & Crazy.'

Cogjammer's disturbance causes the vacuum to malfunction, freeing Weatherwitch. She is now yours to command - in this and future scenarios.

A good place to bind Weatherwitch is out front. Set her power band to 'Thunderclap' and she'll convince the sorority girls that they aren't even safe outside.

Change your spirits' fetters to keep up the haunting. Make sure a spirit is able to strike at all times.

The red circles around this sorority girl indicates she is feeling terror. The blue indicates her belief in the spirit realm is going up up up!

Some mortals will require increased belief before they can become sufficiently terrorized.

Terrorize all of the girls into fleeing and complete the level.