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Ghost Master Walkthrough The Calamityville Horror

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You'll need to maintain a delicate balancing act this time -- maintain enough plasm to keep your ghosts powered, but don't frighten the mortals away before at least two of the trapped spirits' remains are discovered.

Fettered to this chimney is Static, trapped spirit number one.

Static tells you that he needs to be free of the chimney.

Trapped spirit number two, Maxine Factor, is on the house's top floor as indicated.

Maxine can be freed only if a woman is lured into using her cosmetics.

The house's third trapped spirit, Arclight, is found here in the basement.

Arclight explains that he's been bricked up and needs someone to get close enough to possess.

Start by binding Stonewall to the ground and casting 'Tremor' as you see here. A mini-cutscene shows a stone falling out of place.

Now we need to lure the mortals to the area. Arclight's Bonfire should get their attention.

One of the mortals will see the hole in the wall and return upstairs...

...and promptly phone a repairman!

A handyman arrives and you are alerted of his potential value in revealing the bodies.

The handyman clears more stones from the wall and is possessed by Arclight. Note: I've also seen Arclight immediately possess Greg or Steve Hutz when they discover the hole in the wall. Either way, Arclight is yours.

You've freed the level's first trapped spirit!

The mortals quickly discover the skeleton and phone the police.

A cutscene explains that the police have reported the body. Discovery of a second body will initiate a full investigation and end the level in success.

Bind Boo to Maxine's room and cast him to Rattle Chains. That should get the mortals' attention on the boarded-up door.

The mortals will pull the boards off the door and discover Maxine's body.

When one of the women uses the cosmetics case Maxine will be set free.

To free Static, start by binding Ghastly to the grand piano and cast Bitter Cold.

A mortal will go to the fireplace and light a fire to stay warm.

Smoke pours from this fireplace on the upper level. You can bind Boo and cast Rattle Chains to lure a mortal if the smoke doesn't attract them on its own.

One of the mortals will discover the smoke and call the handyman if he is not already there.

The handyman, complete with characteristic low-riding jeans, cleans the fireplace.

Static's bones loosen from the chimney, setting his spirit free. The third and final trapped spirit is yours!

Now you must lure the police to a second body. You can set up Boo with Rattle Chains near Static's bones...

...or lure them to Maxine Factor's corpse to end the level.