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Ghost Master Walkthrough Facebacks & Broomsticks

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Your haunt is familiar: the sorority house from Haunting 101.

There are three trapped spirits (a fourth, Weatherwitch, will be found as she was in Haunting 101 on revisits). Trapped in this mirror is Tricia.

Tricia has issues. She needs a similarly valley-girlish specimen with whom she can practice her supernatural powers.

On the back patio you'll find the second trapped spirit, Hogwash.

Hogwash asks you to bring him an electrical gadget.

Down here in the basement you'll find trapped spirit number three, Firetail.

Firetail is bound to the witches' ceremonial circle.

Bind Banzai to the earth fetter, Raindancer to the water fetter and Whisperwind to the air fetter of the witches' circle. You are notified that you have subverted this witches' circle of protection. Note the ethereal spheres protecting your spirits.

You've also just freed Firetail!

Blair Whelchel is the valley girl Tricia needs. There are many ways to attract her to the mirror -- here Wendel's Laughter is the bait.

Once Blair looks into the mirror, Tricia is able to practice her Clone spell and she is set free. Two spirits down, one to go!

Now for the final trapped spirit, Hogwash. As always, there's more than one way to accomplish a task in Ghost Master. One way is to convince this guy with the Walkman (Tony Tupulo) to go out to the patio (Fool's Errand is a good choice).

Alternately, you can bind Tricia to the mirror in this main-level bathroom and cast Ethereal Gift. Bind an electrical spirit like Cogjammer to the gift and set his power band to zero so as not to scare off any mortals from carrying it.

With a little luck the mortal will walk out to the patio, giving Hogwash the electricity he needs to go free!

Now you just have to scare the living daylights out of the three witches.

If you cast certain spells (such as quake as I did here) you will break the circle, which leaves the witches (and you) vulnerable.

Keep up the heat on the witches by rebinding your spirits as the witches move.

Don't forget Tony Tupulo, he's an electrical fetter himself.

Send all three witches packing and complete the level.