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Ghost Master Walkthrough Phantom of the Operating Room

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The Gravenville Hospital plays victim to your haunting prowess this time around. Your task: scare the doctors away.

There are three trapped spirits in this scenario. Here you'll find Daydreamer.

Daydreamer is asleep and doesn't have much to say.

Fettered to a tearful child is this spirit, Harriet.

Harriet reveals that the child is crying because he misses his stolen stuffed rabbit.

On the bottom level you'll find the scenario's third and final trapped spirit, Brigit.

Brigit was left standing at the altar and seeks vengeance on her philandering fiance.

A scan of the bios reveals Dr. Seth Greenwood as the likely candidate.

Dr. Seth can be seen romancing the nurses of Gravenville hospital.

Note that homely Dr. Whinnery is oddly planted in her chair in the same room as Brigit. We can use Dr. Whinnery as bait.

But Dr. Seth isn't going to pay any attention to the homely Dr. Whinnery with all those nurses to romance. You'll have to scare them all away!

As soon as the first mortal is sent fleeing from the hospital, a trio of Ghostbreakers arrive.

Focus on terrorizing the Ghostbreakers. Team up your easily-fettered ghosts and keep moving them as the Ghostbreakers move about. Bench threatened spirits as soon as you can to keep them safe.

The Ghostbreakers are big scaredy cats once you get them running.

Once you chase off all three Ghostbreakers you can resume haunting the hospital's nurses. Just make sure that Dr. Seth and Dr. Whinnery are left intact.

You may also scare Kevin Caulkin, who stole Jimmy Dowd's bunny. Scare Kevin and he'll drop the bunny.

One of the mortals will pick up the bunny and carry it back to Jimmy.

Once Jimmy has his bunny back, Harriet is set free.

To free Daydreamer you need to wake him up. Fetter Moonscream just outside his door and have her cast Cacophony.

Daydreamer awakes and salutes you.

Now you can return to driving off Dr. Whinnery's competition.

If all this has Dr. Seth Greenwood in a fright, have Fingers cast Unearthly Calm to soothe his nerves. Remember, you need him to free Brigit in the basement.

Once all of the nurses are chased off, Dr. Seth will look for Dr. Whinnery's affections. Have Brigit cast Strange Vision so he can see his almost-bride, and set Brigit free! That's the third and final trapped spirit, and also puts Dr. Seth out of commission!

Now you can focus on your objective - scaring off all the doctors!

Don't forget Dr. Whinnery -- she needs to be scared off, too.

Scare away (or drive insane) all of the doctors and complete the level.