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Ghost Master Walkthrough The Unusual Suspects

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You find yourself at Gravenville's Hell Street police precinct. Your task: scare everyone out of their wits.

Make sure you bring an earth elemental with you like Stonewall. Bind him to this Banzai tree.

A hidden spirit, Banzai, is freed, yours to command in this and future levels.

Down here you'll find the trapped spirit Blue Murder.

She tells you that she was murdered with help from inside the Force.

Over here you'll find Electrospasm, the scenario's final trapped spirit.

All Electrospasm wants is to be free from the electric chair.

Bind Raindancer to the sink and cast Flood, then have Electrospasm cast Spark.

The combination of the two effects will free Electrospasm and make him yours.

Set up Electrospasm outside the evidence room and scare away officer Andrew Haid. You may also want to bind Buck and Wendel in here as well to really get him gone.

Once the coast is clear in the evidence room, detective Norman Franz sneaks in to check out the stash of cash -- he's the crooked cop!

Blue Murder wants a piece of him.

Have Blue Murder cast Obsession to lure detective Norman Franz to her corpse. This screenshot illustrates the clipping problem mentioned in the review.

Blue Murder reads Norman the riot act and is set free.

Now all you have to do is scare everyone else out of the precinct. This office makes a great central locale for scaring lots of folks at once.

Set Banzai to cast Quake and all the cells open, freeing everyone including the Professor. You don't have to do this, in fact it will destroy a number of fetters. It's up to you.

The professor has a friend who escorts him to safety. We'll be seeing more of him!

Buck's flexible fettering makes him useful for finishing off the last stragglers. Just keep binding him near the mortal.

Send the final mortal fleeing and complete the level.