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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough Franklin and Lamar

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When the mission starts, walk over to the two cars in the back of the house and choose whichever one you like. From there, Lamar will trigger a short race, complete with several obstacles in the way. There are no checkpoint blips to follow, you'll need to keep your eyes on Lamar as he zooms through traffic.

Use Franklinís special wheelman ability to make the sharper turns. Doing this would enable time to go slow, but Franklins motion would still be razor sharp and help maneuver out of the sticky situations, and less of a chance of having a crash. Use Frank's ability several times to achieve the "Focused" requirement.


To achieve this requirement, activate Franklin's special ability as you pass through the movie lot and swerve in between the alien stuntmen that block the way. Keep an eye out for another set of alien stuntmen! Avoid hitting the aliens to grab this requirement.

Continue to follow Lamar while steering clear of some of the obstacles that get in the way.

"GOLD MEDAL REQUIREMENTS: "WINNER" The best way to beat Lamar is to remember where most of the obstacles are and to avoid them. In the last part of the race, Lamar will race you through THREE separate parking garages.

Enter the first garage and then quickly drive around the second garage (don't enter it) to the third entrance. This will give Franklin a few seconds to take the lead. Activate Frank's ability so that he can overtake the lead and win the race.

You'll know that you won the race if Franklin arrives to the parking lot first.

After you reach the drop point, youíll be pursued by the police. Evading them is relatively easy. Get ahead on the main road, then drive to an obscure corner or off-road location. Hillsides work well. Wait for the wanted level to drop and continue on to Simeon's dealership.

Once you reach the dealership, meet with Simeon to trigger a cutscene.

When that's done, go outside and get into your car and drive back to the safehouse to complete the mission.