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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough Repossession

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After the cutscene, exit the dealership and take one of the cars (preferably a fast one) and drive it to the waypoint at Vespucci Beach.


Drive thru those plastic things to find a Stunt Jump near the condo building. Jump the Stunt Jump to save a few seconds for the mission!

When you arrive at the destination, exit the car and hop over the metal fence. Walk through the alley with Lamar to see a pickup truck pull up and drive out.


At the end of the alley are three parking garages. Open the big white door to trigger a gun fight with some Vago baddies.

Stay in cover and shoot at the baddies while keeping watch of your health! The Vagos have automatic weapons and Franklin isn't well-prepped with a strong weapon yet!

Move forward to see a large gas tank above the port-a-potty and shoot it to blast the baddie above Lamar.


When you reach the end of the alley, scale the fence again and leap into the car. Begin pursuit of the bike immediately.

The motorcycle has a raw speed advantage, but careful use of Franklinís time-stopping ability in turns will allow you to catch up fairly easily in just a few seconds.

Catch up and ram the bike and then take it back. With the bike in tow, drive it back to the car wash to complete the mission