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Half-Life Walkthrough We've Got Hostiles

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The situation becomes even worse. Recharge your armor and health from here. Then proceed down the corridor.

When you break the glass on a button like this you can close a fire door if needed.

Passing over the red lasers will activate the sentry guns positioned nearby.

Use the crates to hide from the sentries and move forward.

Shoot the fire alarm button if you want to close the door behind you. It's a good idea to do this if you haven't destroyed the sentry guns.

Jump over the laser tripwire from a crate if you can't destroy it from a safe distance.

Crouch under another tripwire.

Move forward and kill some vorts.

Get down and go left.

Pass the many lasers.

Jump down here and go right. Beware the water that can slide you right into the open elevator shaft.

Go up the ladders to reach the top.

A soldier will try to kill the scientist. Go down there.

Use the lift to go up.

The scientist thinks the soldiers are here to rescue him. Prepare for a fight.

If you go to your left in this hall you can try to flank the soldiers.

The soldiers can flank you as well. Don't stay in one place for too long because they can throw grenades at you.

Go up the ladder.

Pass through here and beware the barnacles.

A corridor leads left to some supplies.

The corridor leading right is where you need to go. Destroy the turrets or try to dodge the lasers, it's your choice.

More scientists run to their slaughter. Prepare for another big fight.

Climb up the stairs to reach the upper floor.

Pass another path covered with barnacles.

Go left and climb down the stairs.

Use the lift to reach the surface.

Some soldiers will try to stop you. Beware the bombardments. You have to try to run through the open as fast as possible.

Run inside this bunker and go down the ladder.

Go left.

Open the vent access door.

The soldiers will drop down here constantly. You have to move fast.

Jump down and use the ladder.

Move through the vent at the lowest floor.

Go through the vent below the fan on the right.

Move inside the vent on the middle tier.

Move through a vent at the bottom with a grated floor.

You will find yourself in the guard station you passed before. Press the red button to open the silo door.