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Half-Life Walkthrough Unforeseen Consequences

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You are teleported back into the lab chamber and everything is suddenly a mess. Exit through the busted gate.

Try to use the retinal scanner. The door will open after a few seconds.

Things have turned for the worse. Continue through the corridor.

Go left at the end of the corridor and watch out for some falling equipment.

Enter the elevator.

Pass the room with flashy containers. It seems like some aliens have been teleported.

Wait for the scientists to talk. Then press the use key 'E on the one on the right so he can follow you.

Walk near the retinal scanner and the scientist will use it to open the door for you.

The failed experiment is causing a lot of trouble. Wait for the beam to destroy the door so you can proceed. Try to not get hit.

Pass the area with water and watch out for some headcrabs.

Next corridor has some lasers. Wait for them to get higher and duck under them.

Pick up the crowbar and break the glass to pass the door.

Break another door. The elevator is out of service.

Climb up the ladder on the left.

A guard is attacked by a zombified scientist. You can help him out and he can protect you later. Or you can pick up his gun if you let him die. He has unlimited ammo and you don't.

Pass the double doors.

Encounter some zombies on the loose.

Get back up the corridor.

Go to your left.

Enter the next room through a small vent.

Go towards the end of the room.

You will see a vent. Climb on the fallen equipment and pass through there.

Continue forward through the corridor.

Get the gun from the dying guard. Use the first aid station with 'E' if you need health.

Pass the double doors.

Go to your right and kill some alien dogs called houndeyes.

Go right. You will see the man in suit on top. You can't follow him.

Go through the door on the right if you want to get some ammo and grenades.

Climb up a ladder.

Get the scientist to follow you.

Pass through the place you saw the man in suit, also known as the G-man.

Kill a zombie.

The scientist will open the storage room for you. Get everything from that room. Then backtrack to the lower floor.

Approach the brown door and expect an alien to bust in. The so called vortigaunt.

Go to your right.

Drop down the hole.

Go around the tunnels and find the valve. When you turn it be prepared to find the exit fast because the place will be flooded.

Use the raised water level to swim out on the other side of the fence.

Once you are out proceed down the corridor.

You will find a big lift. Go up the ramp.

Use the big lever to start the lift.

Wait for the lift to go down. Beware the falling headcrabs.

You will see a first aid on the right when the lift gets down.

Proceed down the corridor.

An alien known as the bullsquid is teleported in a bad place. It will destroy your passage.

Climb up the pipes on the right.

Continue climbing the pipes and reach the end.

Enter the vent.

Drop down a place with ladder.

Exit the door.

You will see a first aid on your right.

Continue to the left.

Drop down in the water and pass through the small passageways.

More first aid. Go through the door on the right.

Enter another door.

Climb up the ladders.

You will have to jump from crate to crate until you reach the other side.

Drop down here.

Climb a ladder.

You will find an elevator. Use it to go up.