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Half-Life Walkthrough Anomalous Materials

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Everyone will tell you how late you are. The malfunctioning equipment around the labs serves as a foreshadowing of things to come.

Follow the green line in the corridor on your right. You will have to get your special H.E.V. suit before you can do anything else.

Go down the corridor.

Then to your right.

You will find the locker room.

Go towards the left end of the locker room .

Press the button to open the suit container.

Walk towards the suit to put it on. The suit will give you armor that you can recharge, a self-recharging flashlight and a HUD with which you can monitor your health.

If you open Freeman's locker you can find an armor recharge battery.

Exit the locker room and continue through the corridor on the left marked with a blue line.

Wait for the guard to open the doors.

Keep following the blue line.

Use the elevator to get down.

Pass a corridor with lasers.

Enter the level 03 door.

The scientists are waiting for you to start an experiment.

When they are done talking one of them will let you through.

Pass the room with flashy containers.

Use the elevator.

Enter test lab C-33/a.

Two scientists will talk about the experiment and then let you in the test lab.

The test chamber. Take a note of the grated container with red lights. Then go up the ladder on the right.

When the scientists are ready they will tell you to press the button at the top.

The machine starts up. Go down.

Wait for the box to be lowered. The specimen you need will be loaded up here.

Get behind the cart with the specimen and push it all the way to the end.

Leave the cart under the ray. Do not try to pull it back out because that will result in an even worse situation.

Something the scientists were not expecting happens.

You are briefly teleported to a place of unknown origin.

You are introduced to some alien species.