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Killzone 2 Walkthrough Mission 2. Blood Meridian

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Mission opens with a scene, as soon as you have control take cover and take out the Higs in the MG encampment upahead

than move forward towards Narville, a scene will play

then follow Garza to the door and use a D charge on it

after the door is blown out head inside and follow Garza

you'll come to a corner and be warned about some Higs

take cover and take out the 4 Higs in this small area

as you round the corner another small wave of Higs come

head to the end on the alley and into the building 1 solo Hig is on the ground floor

head up stairs and mop up and left overs

you'll see alpha team from the catwalk just move on can't really help them at the moment

Garza will advise you to put a frag in there, meaning the room across the catwalk bridge

after a few grenades head in mop up, and continue to follow Garza

he'll lead you down some stairs, at the end of the hallway he'll say "After you", head through the door for a Boss battle

Boss! Heavy. Sev and Garza Vs. Heavy Helghast

this guys easy if you know what to do just toss a grenade at him it will force him to turn around

then light up the red tanks near the small of his back

soon, boom if done correctly you'll receive Elementalslayer trophy

after he falls head down the the valve handle on the left and use it

head up the ramp and up the stairs at the end on the right a large battle will take place

head to the end of the walkway and into the room for ammo and grenades

use some grenades on the Higs and take them all out, after your down to just a few just go knife them

head up the stairs as directed by Garza, knife the two Higs up here, most efficent weapon in the game

then head across the catwalk and into the building, and down the stairs

here quite a few higs come rushing down the path, knife them if you need the kills

after they stop coming it is time to go deal with the few on the MG, take the path to them and slaughter them

head inside the building and to the elevator and use it

once at the top head out to see the arc tower, then head across the bridge and grab some ammo

wave of Higs to kill, once they are mostly down take the doorway on the right

it will end in a bridge head about halfway across and toss a grenade

go inside and up the stairs, once outside take a right

follow Garza in and out of a few buildings

you'll come to a corner he'll advise to hold you'll see an ISA troop get killed then he'll radio Narville

head up and take out and Higs near the controls use the switch to open the Arc tower

then shoot the blue canisters to blow the arc tower up

after it blows a scene which will end Mission 2.