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Killzone 2 Walkthrough Mission 4. Salamun District

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starts with a scene, you will be seperated from your squad, after you gain control head across the beachy area

you'll come to a tunnel blocked by electricty shoot the conductor above it and head inside

at the end of the tunnel a blown open hole, take cover and take out the 2 Higs in the room

then shoot the trap on the wall here, and head down the ladder

kill the Hig here and head up the other ladder, then again up another ladder

you'll now be where the first 2 Higs in this room were at, grab ammo and head up the stairs

you'll come to a room and meet up with Garza

a fairly large scale battle will take place Higs will rush in from every door

make your way towards Garza killing Higs as they get in the way

once you reach the floor below him a wave of 4 rifleman will rush in kill them

once you reach Garza follow him through the building until he hacks a doorway

on the left hand side of the area is a mortar gun, take out the Higs and head there

place a D-charge on the mortar and detonate it

then head to the doorway north of here and inside 3 Higs are waiting

after they go down head up the stairs in the back

at the top 4 higs to play with, after you clear them out head out the door

man the MG and take out the wave of Higs, then follow Garza to the door he'll hack it

instantly shoot the 2 Higs, then take one of either doors inside left or right and clear the room

after the rooms are clear follow Garza up the stairs, 4 Higs here kill them off

then head for the mortar and place a charge on it and blow it

then follow Garza to the next hallway and kill the 5 Higs that come rushing in

once inside the room they came out of use the door in the back then jump into the hole

a radio transmission will come through, jump into the hole and take the stairs to the bottom

follow the path you'll come to a watery gravesite full of dead ISA members

continue through the marsh and take the ramp on the right side

at the top an ISA troop, but he dies in the ambush, head to the left and up the ramps

at the top take cover and take out all the Higs

after the last one falls a dropship will arrive will another load

make your way across the catwalks, 2 rocket Higs and a few stragglers will come, give them a grenade

after they all are down you'll get the all clear continue to follow Garza

you'll come to a spot to jump down, take out the 3 traps before moving forward

take both ladders up here, and continue to follow Garza

outside take the path on the right, kill the Higs and set off the traps, then man the MG

take out all the Higs on the rooftop and un-man the gun

place a charge on the door and blow it open, head inside quite a few Higs in here to kill

after you kill the few on the bottom floor head upstairs

after a short wave Garza will instruct you to blow the pillars, (4 in all)

after you set the last charge jump down and run out of the building

once outside and a good distance away from the substation hit the trigger

a scene will play ending Mission 4.