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Killzone 2 Walkthrough Mission 5. Salamun Bridge

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quickly take cover when you gain control, a lot of Higs are on this bridge

move from cover to cover taking out Higs as they respawn

keep pushing forward after clearing a section of the bridge, Higs will keep comming until the bridge starts to raise

now find a good spot, take cover and clear the area out, start with the 2 MG's

after you've killed all the Higs, you'll get the Secure the bridge, head to the left down the path

an ISA troop will kick open the gate follow him down the path to the ground

once at the bottom head to the left and take cover at the ammo and gun rack

then headshot the Hig on the AA gun and pleace up the rest on the ground

head across the beach and up the stairs to the AA gun,and hop in it

take aim and let some flack fly, soon a transmission indicating it's time to roll out

head down into the area you just desimated and up the stairs on the other side

soon a door leading to more stairs head up them

use the valve handle here to lower the bride section for alpha

someone will open the door for you grab a sniper rifle and head outside

snipe the guys on the MG's and push forward, they keep coming so be quick about it

when you finally reach the other side you'll get an all clear, head for the buggy

this will kick off a scene, after which you'll be in front of the academy which is in dire need of securing

head inside restock on ammo, and follow Alpha team

soon you'll come to an amush from in front and above Fun!

this is a pretty hard battle, try and avoid your team as they are good at trying to bring some rockets your way

you can head to the opposite end on the grand hall and take the stairs up the deal with the Higs on the upper level

after they are all cleared out head to the door they'll yap for a few then head inside

take either set of stairs and head in the office at the top

a scene will play and you'll be seperated from you team

Boss battle Sev Vs. ATAC

in the scene they show you what you need to do in a way shoot the canisters

wait until the ATAC is above the electric field and blow one up

then grab a rocket and let it have it

after 3 rockets it'll fall, then a scene will play ending Mission 5.