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Killzone 2 Walkthrough Mission 7. Tharsis Refinery

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scene will play, then follow Rico

grab a weapon from the rack and get to clearing the Higs out

push forward as you clear them out, you'll come to a cart with a door on either side head in

take the bottom path as Rico take the top one here. At the end of the car shoot the Higs

once cleared head out the back and make a b-line for the tank with the red light on it

jump onto the MG as directed and "hose down" the Higs

after they stop coming jump off the MG and push forward, a few stragglers will come out of the wood work

on the next car take cover on the container in front of you and eliminate the Higs

in between waves make a run for the weapons rack and grab a rocket launcher

fire a few rockets at the tank until it blows up

mop up the remainder of the Higs and move on to the next car

head inside the door and follow Rico, he'll lead you to a room with a Hig in it he'll stop the train

a scene will play, afterwards you'll be in front of 4 Higs grenade them or blow the barrel up

then head over to the fence and help Rico over it

4 Higs then come out of the door down the way take them out and head into it

move along the path until the walkway falls, then shoot the conductor

take cover on the wall and take out the Higs here

once the area is clear jump onto the elevator in the center of the room and use the switch

at the bottom Boss battle time. Sev Vs. Arc Trooper

easy fight shoot the slag container above his head, then let loose on the tanks on his back like a heavy

should take all of about 30 secs to fall this giant Hig, head over to the ladder and head up and use the switch

this will trigger a wave of Higs, kill them off and move into the newly opened area and up the ladder

at the top continue along the catwalks and into the booth grab the electrolux 53000 (not it's real name)

then climb the ladder and run and jump into one of the Slag pots

elecrocute the Higs along the rail path

at the end of your ride you'll be warned about at current shoot the conductor and jump out

then head inside the building on the left and fry the 4 Higs inside

head out the back door and down the stairs, Rico will radio you

head into the tunnel and out the other side into a vast almost ambush looking area

and it is sentry bots come rushing in 12 total, make your way to the lift on the other side

at the top continue along the path until you meet up with Rico a scene will play, after it follow Rico

after some dialog and a long run across a bridge he'll lead you to a scene

shortly after it and some dialog, you'll need to secure the LZ

head up the stairs and fry the Higs and bots as you see them

this is a spiral linear walk up to the top quite a few things to fry along the way

at the top clear it out and head up the stairs here and use the switch to lower the lift

Natko will open the door head inside and wait for the next one to be opened

head out and clear the LZ for Garza and Evelyn

quite a few Higs here soon a scene showing them come out, then follow Evelyn to the door

Natko will come open it for you head in after he does

head up the long staircase and fry the Higs at the top

grab a sniper rifle and start picking off Higs

eventually a dropship will come clear the rest out head back down to Alpha

a scene will play showing a touching Killzone moment, and ending Mission 7.