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Killzone 2 Walkthrough Mission 8. The Cruiser

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after the opening scene, head on to the elevator and head up

at the top a wave of about 6 Higs come out of a hole, after they are down use the elevator on the left

once at the top of this lift head into the door marked Bridge for a scene

afterwards head down to the gun deck as directed, it's out of the bridge and down the lift on the left

inside the room there will be a few waves of Higs eliminate them

make your way down to the center of the room to complete the objective

near the bottom floor a Heavy will come kill him off and head down and mop up the rest

soon an ISA troop will open the door for you follow him in, they'll tell you to go man the AA gun down the stairs

after following a short path you'll come to the AA gun get in it an shoot down as many leech pods as you can

soon you'll run out of rockets but you still have flack shells, continue to fire until he locks the gun down

once out follow Natko, he'll lead you to a large lift use the switch and head down

soon a few waves of Higs to kill off or not as they pass by fairly quickly

at the bottom kill the 2 higs along the path and push forward

soon a large wave of higs will come through a door knife them down

head inside and down the stairs and kill the 3 higs guarding the next doorway

then follow Natko, along the way a few more Higs to kill off

he'll lead you back to Rico, a scene will then play, showing Radec and Templar's conversation

this will End Mission 8.