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Killzone 2 Walkthrough Mission 3. Visari Square

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starts with a scene, after you have control follow Garza

head out and jump down into the hole, then down again and once more to the floor level

grab some ammo and head to the tank on the right side of the street, take cover and kill a few Higs

then head to the right most side of the tank and make a run for the wall on the otherside of the street

takecover here and take out the Higs behind the barriers

then take out the few in the room inches from you, then jump inside

head up to the top floor taking out Higs as the become availible

once you reach the top floor you'll encounter heavy resistance

continue pushing through the upper floor until you reach a morgue, head inside and to the giant hole in the floor

once at the bottom follow the patway and kill the few Higs and Rifleman on the catwalk

head up to where the rifleman was and shoot the conductor to open the door then head inside

use the switch in here to open the next door and head down the stairs, at the bottom a fairly large battle

after the Higs are all cleaned out head across the bridge and into the building

head up the stairs and to the ladder at the end of the hallway

at the bottom head down the stairs for an ambush by a few Higs

continue down the few flights of stairs to meet up with Rico and Natko

soon a huge battle will ensue, around 4 wave of higs come rushing in last one in an APC

after they are mostly taken care of some ISA troops bust in the door head to them

once inside your current objective is done, follow your squad

inside the room some dialog grab the intel behind Natko

your squad will lead you up some stairs and out into a square, kill the Higs

then head up and man the Mg on the right and prepare for some Higs

a few small waves will come, then and APC full

followed by a dropship load, then they will give you the all clear

then a cable car will come from behind you, full of Higs

then finally a wave with 2 heavy's after they fall you'll have taken Visari square and ended Mission 3.