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Killzone 2 Walkthrough Mission 1. Corinth River

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After a few scene's you'll gain control of Sev.

Follow Garza as directed

some tutorials will be shown for basic gameplay

enter the room at the end of the hall and listen to Rico, then follow Garza when he leaves

Inside the next room follow Garza until you get a scene

After your graceful landing you have control again, a gun tutorial will be shown

then head for your squad, around the corner 3 Helghast

continue forward you'll be told to blow the bridge up ahead, aim for the red barrels and Boom!

a tutorial for the cover system will be shown. (Very Important!)

next objective is to secure the beach, jump out the trench and proceed towards the marker

as you round the corner take cover and take out the 4 Helghast on the catwalks above you

as soon as they are down a radio transmission, then head towards the marker

the next area will be a fairly large scale battle, kill off the Helghast to complete secure the beach

soon Rico will ask you to open the floodgate, follow Garza to this wall and help him up

then use the switch the activate the elevator, at the top head up the stairs

in this next room take cover next to Garza and listen in on the Helghast conversation

then toss a grenade on them and head down stairs

at the bottom head inside the small room on the left and take cover

a wave of reinforcements will come, give them a grenade as well, mop up and leftovers and follow Garza

you'll come to a switch, Garza will ask you to cover him while he hacks it take cover and take out the Helghast

after the area is clear the hack is completed follow Garza

you'll come to a room one Helghast is inside toss a grenade inside to kill him and head in

a tutorial for using valves will be shown here

follow the directions and use the valve to open the floodgate and complete the objective

head back outside more Helghast to deal with here, after the all clear follow Garza

soon you'll reach Rico and your squad, around the corner are about 8 Helghast

after they go down continue along the path, at the bottom of the stairs a few Helghast

follow Garza after the area is clear, you'll be back topside, a booth fill of Helghast get blown up

head inside and man the machine gun

take out the Helghast in the building across the street

after they all go down the building explodes, un-man the turret and follow Garza

at the end of the path a small area with around 5 troops

after it is clear head over and grab the rocket launcher

then fire a round at the bent up Helghast door

head inside and through the building and up the stairs in the back

inside the room here is a solo troop kill him and head out the back door

move forward for a short scene, then kill the 3 Helghast blocking your way

head across the bridge and toss a grenade into the pill box, then mop up the remainder

again do the samething with the next pill box, but be avised of the 2 troops up above

head inside and use the ladder to head down

you'll be directed to head towards your squad, hang back and help Garza though

after it gets to heavy on fire, head inside the tunnel and to the other door

kill Helghast until Rico say's the driver has been killed, and Garza advises you to go drive....

make a run for the tank, and jump into it

take out the 2 tanks that come and troops if you feel the need

soon a radio transmission move to the left side of the battlefield

a tank will come kill it and mop up the rest of the Helghast to complete Mission 1.