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League of Legends Walkthrough Other solo strategies

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Splitpushing - Pushing a lane alone after the tower's gone to get further towers and get everyone elses attention, so your team gets less pressure and can do objectives/ get back into the game freely.

Roaming - After shoving your lane, you can run down to other lanes to help them, it works best as midlane, but nothing stops you from doing it as anyone else if you're sure it will work out.

Giving buffs to your teammates - After taking your first blue buff, you can give the second one that respawns to your midlaner as they can use it better in a lot of situations. Red buffs go to the ADC midgame-lategame as you still need red to gank as a jungler.

Freezing and zoning - if you have an advantage on your lane opponent, you can "freeze" your lane by last hitting the minions and not letting them get into your turret range, when they're more than your minions, then use that to zone your enemy.