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League of Legends Walkthrough Global Objective Control

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Dragon is the most contested objective early-midgame, it grants the entire team that kills it global gold which scales as the game goes on. It's respawn timer is 6 minute, so make sure it's warded.

Best time to kill dragon early game is after taking bottom tower, or getting a really succesful gank and getting a kill or two out of it. Make sure you have your jungler and the enemy doesn't have it warded.

Baron Nashor is the most contested objective mid-late game, it gives a huge advanatage to the team that gets it. Your team gets global 300 gold plus an AD, AP, health and mana regeneration buff. As with dragon, keep it warded and make sure you have control over it.It has a 7 minute respawn timer.

Sieging towers is one way to take don't towers even if the enemy team is up, auto attacking the tower,while poking, without going on the enemy team eventually gets you the tower and global gold for it.