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League of Legends Walkthrough Jungling path, Invading and Ganking

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Red and Blue buff spawn at 01:55, as a jungler you want to start off with either. It's best going botside as there's two people there and you can get most help from them.

You want to smite the buff you're doing so your smite is up for the next one and head straight to wraiths or wolves.

After killing them, go for your blue buff.

If you want to play more aggressive, you can go straight for their red buff and pressure their jungler. Invading the jungle is really risky!

Playing it right can result in you getting a kill and getting out, so it's a high risk high reward play.

After taking your blue buff, you'll hit level 3 and it's time for proper ganking, look at the minimap and see if anyone's pushed in, or getting ganked, if not, keep farming the jungle.

When ganking a lane, make sure your teammates use their CC(crowd control) abilities to hold down your enemies for you, so you can finish them off.

Another tip for invading is to use the timers, always watch the game time as a jungler. As we previously said junglers start at 01:55 and they start botside, which would mean they would get the buff at around 02:10 and it will respawn at *07:10(objective control page), you can sneak the buff as soon as it respawns.

Counter ganking is really important, keep track of their jungler and make sure you catch him off guard when he's trying to gank a lane. Noone expects a counter gank and they overcommit for a kill just because they expect to have the number advantage.