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League of Legends Walkthrough General Lane Mechanics

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In any lane it's always a good idea to outpush your enemy just a little bit as soon as you get in it, so you hit level 2 before them and outtrade/ kill them early.

You should always try to last hit the creeps on the lane, as they grant you gold if you kill them.(unless you're supporting).

*WARDING (Check Warding Page)

Knowing when to force fights, especially at botlane is a great thing. If you can use your tower or minions to your advantage, always do so, it will almost always end up in a kill for you, unless they're too far ahead.

If you're lower than them and you know they don't have a ward, you can always bait a fight when your jungler is coming. Most of the times the enemies will blindly commit to a fight and result in a free kill for you.

Trading is a lane mechanic that's very important on every role, even if you're pushed out and close to their tower, you can use your abilities without committing for a kill to walk away with more health than them.

Diving towers is a bit harder as they hit pretty hard early game, but can be done if you're outnumbering your enemies. Make sure the tower is not hitting the teammate with the lowest health and you walk away out of its range before it kills you.

Taking tower will put an end to your laning phase, now you can either keep pushing the lane and force other enemies to come down and defend or you can join your team and get objectives!