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League of Legends Walkthrough Runes, Masteries and Summoner Spells

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"Runes are a way to give your champions extra stats, they're purchased from the store for IP which you get from playing the game.

"There are 3 kinds of runes, lesser, normal and greater.

Masteries are another way to get extra stats, you gain one each level up. There are three mastery trees that you can spend them on. Firstly we are looking at the generic AP/midlane page.

Second important page is the Marksman page, use this on almost every single Attack Damage Carry.

The normal AP support mastery page with long autoattack range.

There's 13 summoner spells in League of Legends, but the most used ones are flash, ignite, smite and barrier. Flash being universally useful and used on almost every champion, and barrier on every marskmen. Smite's for jungling.

Ignite's really useful for finishing off kills, mostly used on midlane or toplane, but sometimes on supports.