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Little Inferno Walkthrough BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN!

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Sugar Plumps will now ask you to burn all 4 things you gave her. This is the Broken Magnet, Jar of Fireflies, Toy Exterminator, and Fashionable Sunglasses

Burn all 4 of them.

You will now get an error combo.

The eyes of the Little Inferno fireplace will start to open.

And doon you will be outside.

You may now move by cliking where you want to go.

Keep moving left untill you see the ail man. Each new person you meet you will be able to talk to and will all have the same outcome

Keep going left then you will end up at these gates. Ask the gate Operator to open them.

Once open, you may go inside

Now talk to the desk lady untill you may go up the elevator.

Once up, keep going left.

Now that you are up here keep talking to 'Her' untill shge then leaves on a rocket.

Dream Bigger!

Now you may go back downstairs.

Now keep going right untill you find the cliff.

Now talk to the weather man untill he takes you out of the city.

Fly out!

And that's Lttle Inferno!