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Little Inferno Walkthrough Guide to Stylish Living

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Rosy- Valkyrie Doll + Gravity Boy Action Toy

Howl at the Moon- Howling Coyote + Mini Moon

Cat Lady- Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie + Old Lady Doll

Elderly Couple- Gentleman Adventurer Doll + Old Lady Doll

Terrible Mystery- The Terrible Secret + Mystery Seasoning

Change the Bulb- Fragile Bulbs + Modern Lamp

Cold War- Uncle Samís Blam Blams + Russian Nesting Doll

"Framed- Little Inferno Collector Poster + Someone Elseís Family Portrait + Oil

Writerís Blocks- Letter Blocks + Word Pack

Stop Drop & Roll- Smoke Detector + Fire Extinguisher

Colorful Flame- Zesty Beetles + Beta Version + Powder Barrel

Pollinating- Instant Seed Packet + Cocoon

Cat Bath- Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie + Dish Detergent

Clean Plate- Fragile China + Dish Detergent

Orchestral- Valkyrie Doll + Cello

Moonlight Melody- Mini Moon + Cello

Medicated Midlife- Midlife Crisis Mitigator + Medicated Mommy Pills