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Little Inferno Walkthrough 1st Person Shopper

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"Wooden Block-Letter Blocks + Building Blocks + Tetronimos

Arachnid- Spider Egg + Giant Spider

Zombie Garden- Instant Seed Packet + Toy Zombie

Eggcellent- Egg Pack + Phoenix Egg

Puzzling Adventure- Tetronimos + Gentleman Adventurer Doll

World of Goo- Goo Ball Pack + Casual Game

Airplane Mode- Cell Phone + Handheld Fireplace + Gaming Tablet

Underwater- Blowfish + Miss Hexopus

Meta- Handheld Fireplace + Beta Version

Pixel Pixelated- Pixel Pack + Beta Version

Japanese- Discount Sushi + Toy Ninja

Brains Ahoy HIYA!- Toy Zombie + Toy Pirate + Toy Ninja