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Little Inferno Walkthrough Shop & AWE

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Pill Popper- Best Friend Supplement Pills + Medicated Mommy Pills

Bearskin Rug- Feelings Bear Plushie + Old Bear Trap

Fireworks- Uncle Sam’s Blam Blams + Dynamite Daisy

Spinning Blades- Super Juicer 4000 + Drill Chain Thrower

"TIMBER!- Drill Chain Thrower + Lumberjack Hand + Manly Odor Spray

"Poker Hand- Glass Cards + Lumberjack Hand

Duck Season- Gaming Tablet + Game Bush

Huntin’- Old Bear Trap + Game Bush

Nuclear Shave- Mini Nuke + Manly Razor

Manly- Manly Razor + Manly Trophy + Manly Odor Spray

Brick ‘n Mortar- Ordinary Brick + Unstable Ordinance

Texting Gurl- Cell Phone + Low Self-Esteem Action Doll

Sorority Party- Low Self-Esteem Action Doll + Balloons

Chain Puffer- Drill Chain Thrower + Puff Pack

Deadly Vices- Midlife Crisis Mitigator + Glass Cards + Puff Pack

Legal Charges- Legal Briefcase + Someone Else’s Credit Card

Injection- Snake Surprise + Protein Powder

Bodybuilder- Manly Trophy + Protein Powder

Deafening- Valkyrie Doll + Sonic Boombox

Road Rage- Wooden Bicycle + Celebration Bus + Mustache Rider

Diseased- Toy Leperchaun + Mystery Seasoning + Book of Darkness