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Little Inferno Walkthrough Combos!

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These are combos. When you combine two or more items you can get a combo. Of course you have to have the right ones! Let's start with the first one. You need a toy pirate and a wooden bicycle. go ahead and burn them.

Now you have a combo! and you got some stamps. Stamps are used to get an item without waiting for it to get to you.

To do this combo you need Someone Else’s Family Portrait + Someone Else’s Credit Card.

Here is sugar plumps. She needs some fireflies! Go ahead and get some and send them to her.

Go ahead and drag the item(s) were it says 'Drag item here'

She then rewards you with a paper Heart

Spring time- Instant Seed Packet + Alarm Clock

Generations- Someone Else’s Family Portrait + Spider Egg

After you buy everything from the old, Catalog don't worry you will get a new one!

You can purchase it now, you save up for it latter.