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Little Inferno Walkthrough Totally Racalled Toys

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Seafarers- Oil Barge + Toy Pirate

Building Bricks- Building Blocks + Ordinary Brick

Fire Breather- Pyranosauraus Plushie + Antiki Torch

Dino-Mite- Pyranosaurus Plushie + Disgruntled Elf Plushie

Watching You- Wandering Eye + Television

Magnetic Heart - Cold Metal Heart + Broken Magnet

Future Fizz (3) + Coffee (3) + Midlife Crisis Mitigator (3)

Terrible Teeth- Eager Bunny Plushie + Toy Leperchaun

Now we have a new Catolog!

"Time Bomb- Mini Nuke + Alarm Clock

LOL Kitty- Wandering Eye + Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie