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Little Inferno Walkthrough Snooty Foodie

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Catfish- Blowfish + Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie

Bear in a Chinashop- Fragile China + Feelings Bear Plushie

Dinnerware- Fragile China + Wooden Spoon

Cornflakes- Tooth n Corn Breakfast Flakes + Corn on the Cob

Deadly Fish- Blowfish + Discount Sushi

Wake Up!- Coffee + Alarm Clock

Iced Coffee- Coffee + Dry Ice Cubes

Easter Bunny- Egg Pack + Eager Bunny Plushie

Now you will have to send Sugar plumps an exterminator.

Liquid Diet- Future Fizz + Coffee + Midlife Crisis Mitigator

Egg Sac- Locust Eggs + Spider Egg

Freaked Out Food- Marshmallows + Coffee + Toaster