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Little Inferno Walkthrough Little Inferno

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To get started Touch and hold anywhere to make a fire, you may also drag the mouse.

Set things of fire with the fireplace!

You will get letters from verious people that can sometimes contain Items to burn.

Collect coins by clicking in them they will al be added up to buy stuff!


Now you have a Catalog, go ahead and open it up!

Once in the catalog you may select things to purchase with the coins. As you buy things more will unlock. Click on an item.

Now click on the amount that it costs.

Click on the coin to purchase the item. Remember everything take an amount of time to be shipped, in this case it will take 10 seconds.

Remember you only have a few items at a time!

Now that you have it you can drag it out from the bottom.

Once in the fireplace you can burn it. Anything that is in the bottom tray you can burn.