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Little Inferno Walkthrough Existence, NOW

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Chain Email- Drill Chain Thrower + Email

Wooden Applause- Wooden Applause- Lumberjack Hand + Laser Pointer

World Adventurer- Flaming Globe + Gentleman Adventurer Doll

Learning is Fun!- Celebration Bus + Toy Rocketship

Glasses & Staches- Fashionable Sunglasses + Mighty Mustache

Before the Internet- Television + Old Timey Radio

Sleeping Idol- Sleeping Idol + Triangle Idol + Rotund Idol

Ice Planet- Dry Ice Cubes + Mini Pluto

Heart and Soul- Cold Metal Heart + Transhumanist Action Figure

"Yellow Brick Road- Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie + Scarecrow + Transhumanist

Planes & Trains- Unstable Ordinance + Railroad Xing

Robotic Future- Clampy Bot + Mom & Dad Bots

Polar Bear- Feelings Bear Plushie + South Pole

Cardboard- Imitation Meatboy + Cardboard Sword + Decoy Lady Bug

Sausage Factory- Sausage Links + Clone Factory

Book Club- The Terrible Secret+ Book of Darkness + Creation Science

Spam Cloud- Email + Internet Cloud

Online Piracy- Internet Cloud + Toy Pirate

Itís a Sign!- Railroad Xing + This Way Down

Sun Flower- Miniature Sun + Instant Seed Packet

Mini Milkyway- Mini Moon + Mini Pluto + Miniature Sun

Futureís So Bright- Fashionable Sunglasses + Miniature Sun