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Mega Man 9 Walkthrough Jewel Man

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Galaxy Man has been defeated. Now choose Jewel Man's stage.

Jewel Man's weakness is the Black Hole Bomb that you now possess.

Climb down and fall in the pit on the left.

Defeat the Mets and continue right.

You will see some green robots floating to the ground. They become much more dangerous once they are on the ground, so do your best to shoot them first.

Shoot the robotic carts, avoiding the rocks it bounces your way. Continue right.

These cannons will adjust their aim to try to hit you. They take several shots to defeat, do so as fast as you can and continue right.

More carts and green floating enemies to contend with. Defeat and head right.

Another cannon to defeat. Destroy the green floating robot before it lands in your path.

Jump down the pit.

Here you will find some spider-like robots.

They stay on the ceiling until you get close, then they drop down and attack you. Two shots should kill them.

If you time it right, you can get the top spider to fall down below. Then all you have to do is stay on the top platform and walk to the right. They will fallow you to the right and jump in the pit, never to be seen again.

Continue downward into the pit.

More spider robots.

Get close so the top spider will drop. Try to hit him with your blaster as he drops. you might get one shot in to make it easier once you drop down.

Head to the right, the spider robots will follow.

Quickly head back to the left and drop down. Shoot the robots as they head toward you. Continue right.

Jump on the swinging platform.

All you should have to do on this first platform is run right and jump on the second one.

Just run right and jump on the third swinging platform.

The third platform is a bit more tricky. You will need to swing back and forth to get your momentum up. Whichever way you are running on the platform causes it to push it that direction. Get a good swing going and jump on the fourth platform.

You have a tricky jump to reach the door below. Avoid swinging into the spikes.

The best option is to stand at the edge of the swing until it stops moving.

Then jump to the right and you should land just perfectly.

You have reached your first mini-boss. He can be rather difficult until you get the pattern down.

Dodge the falling boulders.

Eventually, one of the boulders that fall will have a face on it. If you are touching the ground when it hits, it will knock you down and likely do damage to you before you can get up.

To prevent from being stunned, jump as the face boulder hits the ground.

Do as much damage as you can with your blaster. It will charge you, so be prepared to jump over it.

The face will go back up to the top. You will see some debris come off some of the boulders. The last one that does that will be the next place the face will fall from. Repeat these steps until the mini-boss is defeated.

Once you defeat the mini-boss, head right.

Jump down into the pit.

There will be three jewel robots. They can't be damaged until they stop and peek their face out. When they stop, they will also fire their weapon at you.

Destroy the jewel robots and then jump down the pit on the left.

Defeat the cart robot and walk up to the pit on your right.

Don't jump over the pit too quickly. Enemies will come out of the pit and knock you in. Make sure you shoot them first, but even then you don't have a lot of time to jump past them so don't wait too long after destroying them or they come right back.

This pit will also have enemies flying up out of it. Kill the enemy and jump to the right.

Jump on the swinging platform.

Swing the platform, but not enough to run into the spikes.

It is very difficult to jump safely to the right. Your best bet is to just walk right off the swinging platform when it is close. If you can't seem to get past this, you might need to buy some shock guards in the game's shop (located at the bottom of the stage select screen.)

Continue right. Fight or avoid the jewel robots. The robot at the bottom can't be killed. It speeds up when you are standing next to it, so avoid it. Jump down the pit to the right.

Get on the swinging platform and swing it back and forth, but don't hit the spikes.

You need to drop down the hole at the bottom by jumping off the swinging platform at the right time. It's very easy to hit the spikes so you have to be very precise about where you fall. The shock guards in the shop might be necessary here if you can't get by it.

Defeat the spider robots and head to the right.

Defeat the green falling robots before they hit the ground and take care of the spider too. Head right.

A large, springy robot will come at you. It takes quite a few shots to defeat. Either run under it or kill it.

Enter the door.

You will now continue here if you die, as long as you have more lives.

Open your weapons menu and choose the Black Hole Bomb.

Enter the boss' chamber.

Jewel man has a shield of jewels that spins around him. They give him some protection from your normal blaster and he can also shoot them at you.

When you jump, so does Jewel Man. This can work to your advantage. When Jewel Man comes toward you, do a small jump and he will likely jump over your head.

The Black Hole Bomb will do a lot of damage to him. It will also repel his jewels that he attacks with.

You should be able to kill Jewel Man relatively fast with the Black Hole Bomb.

You will obtain Jewel Man's weapon, the Jewel Satellite. It can be very useful in some areas to prevent small robots from damaging you.

Save if you wish and then choose Stage Select to continue to the next stage.