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Mega Man 9 Walkthrough Hornet Man

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Now that Magma Man has been defeated, move on to Hornet Man's stage.

Hornet Man is weak against the Magma Bazooka weapon.

Head to the right and defeat the cart.

There is a robot here that looks like a plant pot. It will shoot homing missiles at you. If you move the screen so the plant pot to the edge of the screen it won't be able to shoot and you can still jump and kill it with your blaster.

Continue right and defeat the next cart.

Jump right up to the plant pot and quickly destroy it. You should be able to jump over the missile afterward.

Climb the ladder.

Climb to the top of the ladder and jump onto the platform.

Shoot the platform with your gun and it will spread open. It will only stay open for a short while, so run left quickly.

Jump to the ladder before the platform closes back up and climb up.

You can use the Rush Coil here to get a large screw, just be careful of the spikes above.

Continue right. There will be some enemies that join to form a pair of scissors. Try to defeat at least one of them before they join as one. Otherwise, they are a bit tougher. Jump over the pits, but be careful of the spikes on the roof above.

Another scissor robot will attack here. Defeat it and jump to the platform on your right.

There will be a wall of bricks under your feet. The only way down is to shoot the robot on the left side. Once you shoot it, the robot will fire a ball at you three times, each time targeting where you were standing when the robot fired. Stand at the first block so you can create a hole to fall down there.

Drop down the hole to get the large screw. Continue downward.

Now you need to shoot another robot to create a hole to fall down.

As you fall down here, attempt to shoot the robot on the way down.

If you miss, you can use the Rush Coil to reach the robot as well.

Get the robot to shoot the blocks above the extra life, then grab it. Then jump down the pit to the right.

Shoot the robot and get it to make a hole in the middle of the blocks.

Use this hole to get down, avoiding the spikes. It is a tight fit, so be careful.

You will come across the mini-boss of this stage. There is a flower that pops up randomly on one of the platforms and fires it's pedals at you. There is also a row of flowers that spin around like the hands of a clock, making you continuously platform clockwise.

Change to your Tornado Blow weapon to make easy work of this mini-boss.

When the flower pops out, use your tornado weapon to damage it. If you have a full tank of the Tornado Blow weapon, you should be able to defeat this mini-boss with this weapon alone.

Once defeated, a hole will open up in the lower-left corner. Jump into it.

Continue rightward.

Jump on the platform to the right.

Shoot it to expand it, then run forward and jump on the next platform.

This gets a bit tricky because you have scissor robots attacking as you platform. Do you best to defeat them as you go.

Shoot the platform and run to the right. Jump on the platform to your upper-right.

Once again, shoot this platform as well, and jump to the next platform to your upper-right.

Continue doing this until you reach the end of the spike pit, then jump down the pit to the right of it.

Defeat the cart, then climb the ladder to shoot the plant pot.

Jump down the pit on the left of the screen.

Shoot the plant pots before they get too many shots off at you.

Jump up to this platform and destroy the plant pot, then grab the health and weapon energy if you need it. Drop back down afterward and continue to the right.

Shoot the plant pot through the wall.

Climb up the ladder and collect the screws. Then continue to the right.

Destroy this plant pot.

A spring robot will attack. You should be able to run under it's bounce.

Climb up the ladder to fetch the extra life to the left.

Drop back down the ladder and head into the Boss' door.

Select the Magma Bazooka weapon.

Enter the Hornet Man's chamber.

Hornet Man will shoot some hornets at you and bounce around the room. Use the Magma Bazooka to shoot him and his hornets. Don't worry about running out of this weapon, it doesn't use much energy. Shoot it as fast as you can to defeat Hornet Man quickly.

You will obtain the Hornet Chaser weapon. This weapon is very useful. It will follow enemies until it hits them. It will also collect items on the screen that you can't reach. It won't collect Energy Tanks however.

Save your game and use Stage Select to continue.