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Mega Man 9 Walkthrough Plug Man

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Jewel Man has been defeated. Select Plug Man next.

Plug Man is vulnerable to the Jewel Satellite.

Head right, you will find some spinning robots that will chase you. You can defeat them in one shot, but they will keep spawning so keep moving as you kill them.

Jump onto the first platform above the spikes. Watch out for the shocking robot that circles it. Jump over it if it comes toward you.

When the path is clear enough, jump onto the next platform.

Jump onto the box on the next platform. Drop to the right side of the platform when you can so you can make the next jump.

Jump onto the platform with the shocking robot going around it.

Quickly jump over onto the pipes on the right. You can't get the large screw right now, so just ignore it.

Climb the ladder on the right.

Here there will be two shocking bots. One will be heading toward you and one away. Jump over the one coming toward you and follow the other one, but don't touch it.

Climb up the ladder when you can.

Defeat the Mets and the cannon and continue right.

This is the first of many disappearing and reappearing block puzzles. They can be tricky until you get used to them. Get on the first block like in the picture.

Jump over to this block when it appears.

Then jump to the next block.

The last block can be a bit more tricky. A Met is waiting to shoot at you there. Jump over to the Met, but not so close that you get knocked in the spike pit.

Another block puzzle. Jump on the first block.

Then jump to the next one.

Carefully jump to this one. Now the jumps become more dangerous with the spike pit below.

Jump on this one. Don't try to jump over the large block in the middle. A block will appear, blocking your path and you'll fall in the spikes. Just wait on this block until it disappears. You'll fall onto the block below.

Jump onto the two blocks to your right.

Quickly jump onto the single block on the right and up to the safety of land to the right. You block will disappear fast, so be careful.

A shocking robot will come your way. Jump over it when it comes.

Jump onto the first block of this optional puzzle.

Then jump on the next. There will be a pause at this point, making the next jump harder. You have to get used to the timing and make a leap of faith. If you fall, you can use the Rush Coil to get up and try again.

You should land on this block if you time it right.

Then jump up to the upper-left block that appears.

And jump over the small gap to the right when a block appears and get the large screw.

Use the two blocks that appear here to get over to the extra life.

Fall down and hold the d-pad left to grab the life. Then fall down the pit on the right.

There are some doors that reveal evil Mega Mans. Just run by them.

Drop down the pit.

Another block puzzle. Jump up on the first block.

Then jump onto the second block to the right. You have to time the next jump to the right. A block will appear right to the left of the pit.

A block will appear above you and to your right. You want to jump to the block to the right. It can be easier to jump before the blocks appear so you don't accidentally bump your head on the block above you.

Jump onto the platform on the right. Avoid landing on the shocking bots if possible.

Jump over the shocking bots as they spin around the platform. You will likely have to jump over two of them before jumping to the next block puzzle.

Jump onto the first block when it appears.

Another block will appear to your right, jump on it.

Here is the third block you should jump to.

Jump onto the forth block, right near you.

Jump onto the last block in this puzzle.

Now jump onto the platform with the shocking bot circling it.

Jump onto the blocks that appear in this block puzzle.

Keep jumping to the right, until you are on the top right one shown in this picture.

Next you will jump down to this block.

Another block will appear to let you run to the right. Make a short jump to the block shown here. Stay here until a block to your left appears against the wall.

Jump to the left onto the block that appears against the wall. Get ready to jump to a block that appears above your head. You need to make the jump before it appears. Just keep jumping right before you think blocks will next appear.

You should land on the block that appeared above you.

Quickly jump over the blocks before they disappear.

Collect the screws and Energy Tank here. Watch out for the evil Mega Man robots.

You can pick up a Health and Weapon Energy bubble here. Then get onto the platform above.

Continue right. You will pass a static door. Hug the left wall as you fall and the evil Mega Man that appears will jump over you, letting you kill him easy. Continue right.

You will come to another door. Use the same technique to defeat the evil Mega Man that appears.

More of the spinning robots that continually spawn. Continue to the right.

This is a really great spot to use the Jewel Satellite Weapon. It will surround you with a shield and these guys will die when they touch it. You can just sit here forever, collecting energy, lives, and screws in the process.

Get the large screw to the left.

Climb up the ladder.

More of the spinning robots. If they annoy you, use the Jewel Satellite. Just try to make sure it's full for the boss battle.

Jump over the spikes to reach these blocks that appear.

Get on the upper block. Some blocks will appear above your head. You have to time it right so you land on them when you jump, otherwise you'll fall in the spikes.

Get the extra life.

Continue up the ladder.

Three shocking bots will come toward you. Just wait to the left and they will go down the ladder, letting you pass.

To the right, you'll find another springy robot. Destroy it and head right.

You will come to the next boss door.

Equip your Jewel Satellite to make short work of Plug Man. Try not to miss with the Jewel Satellite because you don't get too many shots. You press it once to create a shield and then again to shoot that shield at Plug Man. If Plug Man gets too close you can waste your weapon because the shield that you first create will go away when it hits him, so try to keep a bit of a distance when attacking. If you run out of your Jewel Satellite, switch to your Mega Buster to finish him off.

Plug man will send some bolts toward you that will follow the ground. You can jump over these. They will continue past you and climb up the wall, and then onto the ceiling. Once these bolts are over your head, they will fall, so avoid that damage as well if possible.

Continue until Plug Man is defeated.

You will obtain Plug Man's weapon, the Plug Ball.

Save and choose Stage Select to continue.