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Mega Man 9 Walkthrough Concrete Man

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Splash Woman is defeated. Continue on to the Concrete Man stage.

Concrete Man is weak against the Laser Trident weapon.

Walk to the right. There will be bird robots that will try to drop rocks on you. Try to shoot the rocks before they hit the ground, or they will break into pieces. To make this area really simple, just use your Jewel Satellite. None of these creatures will be able to hit you.

Careful when jumping over the pits. A robot will come out and can easily knock you in. Destroy the robot and avoid birds when jumping over the pits.

Destroy the cannon robot and continue right.

Climb the ladder.

Platform upward. The robots here will sense when you are on the same horizontal plane as them and speed up to hit you. You can shoot them to stun them, but it doesn't last long. Time your jumps so you don't get hit, then climb the ladder.

Jump up to get the extra life and then head right.

Jump up on the ladder and shoot the elephant robot until he dies. Continue rightward.

This elephant is a bit more tricky. You can attempt to jump the ball and attack it from a distance, but it might be easier to just run up to it and quickly do a large amount of damage to it. The elephant will suck the ball closer to itself, which will pull you as well.

The next elephant is even tougher. There are two pits here and the elephant will suck you right into them. It's best to attack up close to avoid falling in a pit.

Continuing right, you will find a spider robot. Destroy it.

Use your Hornet Chaser to grab the health bubble for you. Then climb down the ladder.

Continue down the pit on the left side. Hold right when you are falling and you will be able to get some items.

Destroy the cannon and head right.

Be careful of the blocks in this area. You will see one on the bridge that looks slightly different. You'll fall right through it if you step on it. Jump over it and the robot and continue right.

Defeat the cannon and climb up the two ladders to your right.

Defeat the canon.

Use the Hornet Chaser to kill the spider.

Climb up the ladder and jump over the fake blocks. Once across, climb up the ladder to the next screen up.

Shoot the plant robot from a distance so it won't start attacking you.

Continue platforming right. Kill the plant robot and jump over the fake blocks. If you fall through the blocks, it's okay, just keep heading right.

Use your Rush Coil to get the Weapon Energy or step on the up platform on the right and it will send you upward. Continue rightward.

Jump onto the green platform and then quickly jump again to the red platform. The green go down, the red go up.

Wait on the read one long enough that you can make the jump to the green platform.

Continue jumping on each platform to the right.

Wait until this platform takes you high up, then jump on the green platform.

Jump over to the boss' door and enter.

Change to your Laser Trident weapon.

Enter Concrete Man's chambers.

Concrete Man will throw concrete blocks at you. He will also do a jump in the air and slam the ground. When he slams the ground it will stun you unless you jump.

Shoot your trident at him as fast as possible. He will charge at you from time to time and do heavy damage.

Once he is defeated he will drop a circuit board. Pick it up.

You have defeated all the standard bosses!

You will obtain the Concrete Shot weapon.

Save your game and choose stage select.

You will see a cut scene with Wily talking to the bosses.

Dr Wily will steal the circuit board from you.