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Mega Man 9 Walkthrough Dr. Wily's Castle Stage 3

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This is the third stage of four that must be cleared before fighting Dr. Wily.

Head to the right and defeat the springy robots or run under the robot as it bounces.

Continue off the screen to the right.

You will come to a room where you slowly fly upward. You can't move with the d-pad, instead use your blaster to move yourself left or right. If you shoot left, you'll move right. To stop yourself, shoot the opposite direction the same amount of times.

Stay near the center of the screen as you float up.

When you get to the top, shoot rightward to push yourself toward the ladder, then climb it.

Shoot the shield robot in the back and continue right.

A jewel robot will attack. Defeat or avoid it and continue right.

Another jewel robot will appear after you jump the first spike pit. You can just ignore it and continue right. The second pit jump can be a bit tricky because you can hit your head if you aren't careful.

Jump down the pit you'll find as you continue right.

Jump over the first blast from this jewel robot. Then you'll be able to just stand on the ground and blast it when it next peeks it's head out. Collect the health and move down the right pit.

Pick up the weapon energy if needed.

Climb down the first ladder.

Collect the weapon energy and climb back up the ladder.

Jump down the pit, avoiding the spikes.

As you land, run all the way against the wall to your left. The shield robot won't hit you there. Then you can blast it in the back.

Blast the other shield robot and continue right.

Climb the ladder and collect the health bubble.

Climb down the next ladder and use your Laser Trident to make quick work of these enemies.

Continue down the fourth ladder after killing the enemies.

This will be a continue point if you die and still have lives left.

You will come to another room where you slowly fly upward. Your instinct might be to go to the right side of the room where it appears safe, but a grasping robot will be waiting to pull you into the spikes if you go too far. Go ahead and go to the right of the spikes, but don't go any further than the second vertical line in the background.

Continue upward, dodging the spikes.

Continue upward. You may want to move closer to the right side of the screen, around the last set of spikes.

Shoot yourself to the right, between the spikes. If you don't have a Mystery Tank you can get one here if you are careful.

Quickly shoot yourself to the left side of the screen to reach the ladder. A grasping robot will be waiting to pull you into the spikes, so use your Jewel Satellite weapon right before you reach the stairs and it will repel it. Climb the stairs.

At first it will look like there are three extra lives in this room, but the right two are really Mets in disguise. Kill them and grab the extra life in the upper left corner.

Continue rightward and defeat the Mets on the way.

When you come to a pit. Shoot the cannon you see in the distance.

Continue forward and jump to hit the other cannon in front of you.

Jump up to this platform and destroy the other cannon here.

Quickly shoot this cannon to avoid getting hit.

Use your Laser Trident to quickly destroy this enemy.

This can be a dangerous jump. Jump to the platform to the right without hitting the spikes or falling in the pit.

Carefully destroy the Met waiting on your next platform. Then jump up to it. You won't hit your head on the spikes.

From the top platform where the Met was, just right to your right and you'll land on the next platform. Do it when the enemy isn't shooting though, or you'll fall in the pit. Use the Laser Trident to kill this enemy easily.

Continue platforming to the right. You'll come across another Met hiding as an extra life. It's easiest to just avoid it and jump up on the platform above it.

To the right you'll come across a springy robot. Defeat or run under it.

Jump down the pit you'll find at the end of the path. You'll continue at this point if you die and have extra lives. You'll fall into the Dr. Wily door.

This boss can be difficult until you get the pattern down. You'll see two blobs. One of the blobs will have a kind of eye (red dot) on it. This is the vulnerable spot, but you can't damage it while it is within the blob.

The blobs will exchange pieces of each other until they completely swap colors. These are the only things that are going to damage you, so if you can dodge these you'll do well. Some of the pieces will go over your head and some you'll have to jump.

About halfway through the exchange the little eye piece will fly out. This is when you can damage it.

Use the Black Hole Bomb weapon on the eye and you'll do a lot of damage to it. After a few times of this, the boss will be defeated.