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Mega Man 9 Walkthrough Dr. Wily's Castle Stage 4

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Welcome to the fourth and final stage of Dr. Wily's Castle. At the end of this stage you will fight every boss, including Dr. Wily himself.

Grab the weapon energy and drop down the pit below.

Destroy the Met here.

The laser blocking the path won't kill you, but you will take damage from it. Equip your Concrete Shot and shoot a concrete block in the path of the laser.

If the block lands in the right spot, it will break the laser beam and you'll be able to make it through. The concrete block will dissolve after a while, so make sure you move quickly.

Use your Concrete Shot on the second laser and continue down the pit.

Use your Concrete Shot to disable these lasers. It can be a bit difficult to get both of them. I suggest doing a small jump when you disable the second one. Get the Weapon Energy and destroy the Met, then continue down the pit.

Use your Concrete Shot on this laser and then jump the spike pit. If you have difficulty with this, it may be worth it to just let the laser hit you and then use your short invincibility to jump the pit.

Collect the health and energy bubbles and continue down the pit.

Use the Concrete Shot to disable the laser and then defeat the Met.

You can run back and forth between this laser and the Met, continuously destroying the Met to refill all your energy. When you are ready, jump and use your Concrete Shot against the wall. This will disable the laser enough so you can jump on the concrete block and then up to the platform above.

Use the Hornet Chaser to grab the extra life, then fall down the pit on the right.

Jump or use the Rush Jet to get over the the health and weapon bubble if needed, then jump down the pit.

You will come to a room with eight doors. Each door leads to a boss that you previously defeated. You can do these in any order you prefer, or follow the order I present here. An Energy Tank or two might come in handy depending on your skill against these bosses. Try to save an Energy Tank or two for the final battle. Enter the top-left door.

You will appear in a room with Galaxy Man.

Use the same tactics as the first fight with him to defeat him.

When you destroy these bosses, they will drop a large Health Bubble.

Next, choose the door in the upper-right corner.

You will enter a room with Plug Man.

Use your Jewel Satellite to destroy him like previously.

Enter the doorway on the bottom of the screen, just to the left of the middle.

You will appear in a room with Jewel Man.

Use your Black Hole Bomb to kill Jewel Man quickly.

Enter the door at the bottom of the room, just to the right of the center.

You will appear in a room with Hornet Man.

Use the Magma Bazooka to defeat Hornet Man, like before.

Enter the room in the lower-right corner.

You will appear in a room with Magma Man.

Use the Tornado Blow weapon to defeat Magma Man, like before. If you run out, just use your blaster to finish him off.

Enter the middle-right doorway.

You will appear in a room with Tornado Man. You will notice there are more spikes at the top than in the original battle.

Use your Plug Ball to defeat Tornado Man.

Enter the middle-left doorway.

You will appear in a room with Concrete Man.

Use the Laser Trident rapidly on Concrete Man to defeat him.

Enter the door in the bottom-right.

You will appear in a room with Splash Woman.

Use your Hornet Chaser to easily defeat her.

Now that all the bosses have been defeated, a new door will appear on the top-middle platform. Enter the doorway to fight Dr. Wily.

This is the first of three forms for Dr. Wily.

The robot will shoot giant eggs out it's mouth.

Shoot the eggs as they bounce toward you. They will turn around and start bouncing back at the robot. Once they crack enough, they will explode on contact with Wily's robot.

The goal is for the eggs to explode into the robot's jaw. That's the only place that will damage it. Do this until the first form is defeated.

Dr. Wily will change to his second form. This is probably the toughest of the three forms.

When he hovers in the air, lead him to the right side of the screen, then run out of there before he slams downward.

Try to jump when he slams downward, otherwise you'll get stunned.

After he slams downward, he'll shoot some fire balls your way. Try to jump over them and use your Concrete Shot to hit him in the head. Continue this pattern until he is defeated.

Dr. Wily will change to his third, and final, form. Avoid the various shots he will fire.

The best weapon to use is the Plug Ball, but only if he's on the side of the screen. Otherwise, use the Hornet Chaser or the Magma Bazooka.

When he's defeated he'll drop the circuit board that he stole from you, then he'll run off.

Congratulations, you have beaten the game!