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Mega Man 9 Walkthrough Splash Woman

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Hornet Man has been defeated. Let's move on to Splash Woman's stage.

Splash Woman is weak against the Hornet Chaser weapon.

Head to the right. You will see what appear to be mines in the water.

The mines are actually enemies that will chase you when you get too close.

Run past the enemies and jump down the pit you encounter.

You will encounter some octopus robots. Their body is protected, so you have to shoot them in the head. Defeat them and continue right.

Defeat the octopus and jump across the pit to get the large screw.

Jump down the pit. Make sure you hold the d-pad to the left as you fall or you will hit a spike.

Keep holding left until you clear the spike.

There will be an extra life here. Collect it and drop down below.

There will be some sharp-nosed fish that come at you as you continue right. One shot with your blaster will kill them if you are quick enough.

Avoid the enemies and jump down the pit.

Careful of the sharp-nosed fish here. It may look more difficult, but it is actually easier to go down the right pit, between the mines.

As you clear the mines, you can hold the d-pad left if you need to collect a health bubble.

Grab the health bubble if needed. Stay as much against this left wall as possible to avoid upcoming mines.

Drop between these sets of mines.

Now continue to the right.

Fight the enemies and you work your way upward and rightward.

Drop down, but be ready for another attacking fish.

Avoid the angry mine and continue right. This will be a continue point if you die.

Jump up to get the health bubble.

Jump onto the large bubble that appears here and ride it upward.

When you see a fish start for you, jump over it, without hitting your head on the spikes.

Another fish will come flying above, due to your jump. Now you won't have to worry about it hitting you later.

Jump from the large bubble to the small one to the left. Careful, these bubbles pop quickly.

Jump onto the second small bubble and then onto the large bubble to the left.

Ride this bubble upward.

As you appear in the next screen, jump as high as you can. Three fish will dart toward you, but all will miss you. There won't be anymore fish attacking after that.

When you see a large bubble appear at the bottom of the right side, you can make a large jump all the way over to it. Then ride it upward.

As soon as you appear on this screen, jump up high and it will make all the fish dart out, but they will miss you.

Jump up to the ledge.

Select your Rush Jet.

Use the attack button to place it, then jump on it's back and it will bring you over to the large screw.

Use the Rush Jet again to get back to the other side. Continue right.

Shoot the enemy from this side of the wall to prevent damage from it.

Kill this enemy and climb up the ladder. The Plug Ball or the Tornado Blow will make quick work of it.

Again, I suggest using the Plug Ball to destroy the enemy on the wall.

Jump on the first platform that comes out of the right wall. It will take you leftward. When the water in the platform empties, the platform will disappear. You will see another platform coming from the left, jump on it when you are in range.

Jump from this platform, to the next highest when possible.

Jump to the highest platform when in range.

This platform will take you all the way to the ladder. Jump on the ladder and climb up.

The timing of these jumps need to be fairly precise. Jump onto the platform coming your way.

Then jump from the first platform (no longer visible in the picture) to the second one. You need this platform to be close enough so you can jump to safety on the right side of the screen.

A platform will come out of the wall to the right of you. Jump onto it.

As it heads left, another platform will come toward you. Jump on it.

Jump up to the ladder and climb up.

These platforms move and vanish pretty quick. Jump left onto the lower platform. Almost immediately you'll want to jump onto another platform coming out of the left wall.

Before you run into the mines, you'll need to jump up to the third highest platform. Then jump to the top platform and ride it over to the ladder and climb up.

Head to the right. You'll face many mine enemies and some fish. Do your best to avoid them and then jump down the pit to your right.

Avoid or destroy the enemy here and enter the boss' door.

Equip your Hornet Chaser.

Enter Splash Woman's chamber. She will call waves of fish to swim across the screen and shoot her trident downward at you. Avoid these as best you can.

Fire your Hornet Chaser weapon and the hornets will follow her.

Splash Woman should die very quickly from the hornets you attack with.

You will obtain the Laser Trident weapon. Save your game and go to the stage select screen for the final stage before Wily's castle.