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Mega Man 9 Walkthrough Tornado Man

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Plug Man has been defeated. Let's move on to Tornado Man.

Tornado Man is weak against the Plug Ball you just obtained.

Climb up the ladder here.

There is a robot floating like a hot air balloon. If you shoot the balloon, he will go flying around the screen, so if you fight him try to aim for the face. It's easy enough to just ignore this robot and climb the ladder to the next area.

Shoot the Met in front of you so you can jump to the platform it sits on. Don't worry about falling, you won't die.

Destroy the next Met and jump to it's platform.

Jump onto the spinning platform. This will cause you to spin above and below the platform. Careful not to hit the jump button when you are below it, or you will jump downward. You can keep from spinning by jumping continuously.

Climb the ladder.

Another balloon robot, just ignore it and run by.

Jump onto the rotating platform.

This part gets a bit tricky. You'll be jumping between rotating platforms. Any mistakes and you could easily die. When you are above the first rotating platform jump to get onto the rotating platform above you.

Jump down to the next platform when you are hanging underneath the current platform.

The timing on this one can be a bit tough. You want to jump from the bottom platform to the one above you on the right.

Once again, jump up to the next rotating platform.

To get to the lower platform I find it easier to jump upward, rather than downward.

Now jump to the bottom platform you'll see to your right.

Jump up to the middle platform.

Jump to the top platform.

Jump to the platform on your right when the top rotating platform reaches the right side. Be careful of the spikes.

Jump rightward off the platform to land on the far-right rotating platform. Once the rotating platform reaches the right side of it's path, jump downward onto the land found there.

Continue rightward, past another balloon robot.

Destroy this balloon robot to reach the weapon energy tank on the right, then drop down the hole.

The ice here is slippery, so be careful not to slide into the spikes.

Get to the edge.

Jump off the edge and then quickly push the d-pad rightward when the shield robot is moving away. Shoot the robot in the back or jump over it. Careful it doesn't knock you into the spikes.

Jump down the pit.

Another dangerous jump. Get to the edge of the top platform.

Jump down when it is safe. Careful you don't slip off the edge. When you get your footing, shoot the shield robots in the back.

Jump over the spike pits and continue rightward.

Take the health bubble and continue right.

Quickly get into the lower area of this screen to avoid the enemy fire. It will raise it's shield between attacks. Jump and fire right before the enemy does.

Climb the ladders to continue upward.

Jump up and defeat the Met.

Defeat the robot here.

Change to your Rush Coil weapon.

Use the Rush Coil here and jump on it's back to bounce up to the large screw.

Jump up to the ladder and climb up.

This part is fairly difficult. The weather works against you, making it difficult to jump as far as your used to. Continue rightward, jumping over the spikes. There are some umbrella enemies, but they are easy to avoid and kill.

Jump over to the first platform. The next platform is too far to reach because of the weather, but there is a hidden platform in the cloud that sits between them, so just use that to cross over.

Jump over to the platform to the right. From this platform you can just walk off to the right to land.

Continue platforming to the right.

Use the platform in this hidden cloud to jump over to the next platform on your right.

Continue platforming to the right.

Jump onto the single block, right under the rotating platform path. Jump on the rotating platform as it comes near.

Jump up to the next platform when you are facing upward.

Jump up to the upper rotating platform.

Jump off the upper platform to the right. Drop down the pit here.

Drop down from the upper platform and jump over the pit to your right.

Use your Rush Coil to get to get to the platform above.

Jump to the platform on your right. Be careful of umbrella robots.

Grab the extra life, then jump down to the platform on your right.

The weather is pushing you forward instead of backward now. It makes it much easier to make the jumps. Jump onto the small platform to your right.

Jump up to the top platform. Then make the long jump to the next one on your right. With the wind pushing you it's a breeze.

Continue jumping onto platforms, working your way rightward. Avoid the umbrellas.

Here you will find a large screw you can collect.

Continue platforming rightward.

Enter the boss' door.

Select your Plug Ball weapon.

Enter Tornado Man's chamber.

Tornado Man's attack will send tornadoes flying up the screen. These can send you up into the spikes above if you aren't careful.

Shoot your Plug Ball weapon. The balls will continue around the room until they hit Tornado Man.

It won't take too many hits and you'll be victorious.

You will now obtain the Tornado Blow weapon from Tornado Man.

Save and use Stage Select to continue.

You will be greeted with a cut scene. Mega Man and friends will discuss why the robots went crazy.