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Mega Man 9 Walkthrough Magma Man

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You've defeated Tornado Man. Continue to Magma Man's stage.

Magma Man is weak against the Tornado Blow weapon.

Jump over the first lava pit.

A shielded robot will fly toward you and attack you with a flame thrower.

The best bet is to quickly jump over the robot and the second lava pit at the same time.

Here you will find more robots. You can dodge the first one by jumping on the hanging platform. Then drop off the platform to the right and the next robot will fly over you. Continue to the right.

Jump over the lava pits.

Careful on this jump, you have to jump when you're very close to the edge, holding rightward, but make sure you press up to grab the ladder as well.

Climb up.

When these robots pop up, jump and shoot them in the head.

Continue upward.

Jump over this robot.

Don't touch the big vertical beam. Wait for it to disappear and then continue right.

Wait for the beam to disappear and platform to the right.

Jump onto the ladder and climb up.

Avoid the robot and the beam and jump to right. Collect the weapon energy.

Continue to the right, jumping or avoiding the robots.

Jump down the pit.

Climb up the ladder and shoot the robot in the head. Grab the large screw.

Drop down the pit.

A dragon robot mini-boss will attack you. It's pretty difficult with your blaster.

Switch to your Tornado Blow weapon.

When you shoot the Tornado Blow weapon, it will knock all the fire off the dragon.

A few shots and he will be destroyed.

Continue walking to the right. You will notice a little robot following you.

Turn around and destroy it. You can repeat this process over and over to refresh your weapon supplies and energy. I recommend filling your Tornado Blow weapon back up because you'll want it for the boss battle.

Jump up and shoot the robot in the head here.

Heading rightward, jump over the lava pit and destroy the next robot in your path.

Jump up and get an extra life here. Head back to your left.

Jump down, avoiding the lava. Destroy this robot.

Continue right and jump the lava pit.

When the beam shuts off, jump over the lava pit and climb the ladders.

Continue to the right. Walk past the beams as they shut off.

Jump up on the upper platform when able.

Wait for this beam to shut off.

You can drop down and get the health bubble if you feel confident that you can make it. Jump over the lava pit to the right.

Continue jumping over lava pits to your right. There will be some enemies that jump out of them. Destroy them before jumping.

Continue into the boss' door.

Switch to your Tornado Blow weapon.

Enter Magma Man's chamber. He will jump around a lot. I find avoiding his weapon fire is easier than avoiding him.

Use up all your Tornado Blow weapon.

Magma Man may still have a bit of life left. Change to your Mega Blaster and finish him off.

Magma Man has been defeated.

You will obtain the Magma Bazooka weapon.

Save your game and use Stage Select to continue.

A cut scene will play, indicating that Rush has been upgraded. This will give you a Rush Jet, letting you ride Rush horizontally across the screen.