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Mega Man 9 Walkthrough Dr. Wily's Castle Stage 2

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This is the second of four stages that must be completed before fighting Dr. Wily.

Collect the weapon energy bubbles here if needed.

Climb up one of the ladders.

Defeat any mets that get in your way, then use your Laser Trident to destroy the large block.

Use your Hornet Chaser weapon to retrieve the extra life and continue up the ladder.

Equip your Rush Coil. Jump from the ladder to the first small platform. Right before you reach the platform, use your Rush Coil.

Jump on Rush to reach the top ledge and continue rightward.

Destroy the robots in your way.

Use your Laser Trident to destroy the block.

Shoot the robots. You generally won't have to destroy the small ones, just walk between them to the right and climb the ladder.

You can either use your Rush Jet to cross the spikes or use your Laser Trident to make quick work of the enemies below. Climb up the ladder.

When you first come in the room, there are holes in the floor. Some robots will fly by and fill them in, making it hard to tell where the holes are. here is an image of the room with the holes intact.

Place a Rush Coil below the block to the right of the left ladder. Walk right on top of Rush until you appear to be perfectly aligned with that block.

Jump on Rush and press left to reach the ladder. Try to do it when the robot isn't shooting. Climb up and continue right along the top floor here.

The block right before the top ladder and the block under the ladder are fake. Jump before you reach the ladder and climb up it.

Destroy the robot and continue rightward.

Use your Rush Jet to clear this room.

This is a very dangerous jump. You have to jump when you are right on the edge and hold right in order to miss the spikes.

You will come to the flower mini-boss that you fought before. Use the Tornado Blow weapon when the flower appears to kill it quickly.

Jump down the pit that appears on the left.

Jump over the water pit to collection some health and weapon energy, then drop down in the pit.

Defeat the octopuses and then jump over the spikes and continue right.

Down below you will see some very dangerous jumps. If you go that path, you'll reach an Energy Tank. Use your Rush Jet to make it easy. When you are through, jump to the platform above and continue to the right, avoiding the enemy mines as much as possible.

Climb the ladder when you reach it.

Some fish will attack you. Be ready with your blaster. Continue walking right.

Use your Laser Trident to destroy the block here.

Go right and get the weapon energy here. Careful of the fish that will attack you on the way.

Use your Laser Trident on the block and jump over to the extra life if needed.

Jump to the upper ledge, a few fish will dart at you when you do. Use your Laser Trident on the blocks to your right.

If you need energy, you may want to drop down the the lower left from here. Use your Jewel Satellite and walk back and forth as the fist dart at you and die. When you are ready continue right.

Jump across the spikes carefully, use your trident on the block, and climb the ladder.

There are two fish that will dart out at you here. You may want to jump to bring them across the screen, before heading left.

I recommend you only jump one spike pit at a time. Climb the ladder upward.

This room has many small platforms. You'll want to jump across to the next ladder. Unfortunately, some robots will come and place some blocks next to the others.

Get onto the lower-left block.

Jump to the next block of three to your upper-right. The third block is the real one.

Next, jump to the blocks to your upper-right again. The middle block in this set is real.

Jump over to the set of three blocks to your lower-right. The middle block is real. The two blocks above your head are fake.

Jump onto the ladder and climb up. Then head left.

Shoot the UFOs that fly your way and climb the ladder on the left side of the room.

Shoot any UFOs that might bump you off the ladder.

Jump to the next ladder and climb up.

Climb to the top of the ladder and either kill the enemies or just jump into the middle pit on the screen.

If you get far enough to the right, you can take this shortcut and climb up from here.

Otherwise, just climb up the ladder provided down here.

Kill the robots or continue climbing.

Climb up to the top, killing any robots necessary, and then destroy the bouncing robot. Head left.

Another bouncing robot will be in your path. You may need to run under it when it bounces to prevent taking damage. Enter Dr. Wily's door.

This boss has three parts to it. First you'll fight the tail end of a flying machine. It'll shoot homing missiles at you. Jump and shoot the first set with your blaster.

The flying machine will bob up and down. When it becomes lower, switch to your Laser Trident and shoot the missile launcher. Keep repeating until it's destroyed.

Now you'll move onto the second stage of the boss fight. This one is pathetically easy with the Tornado Blow weapon. Just use the Tornado Blow weapon a few times and you'll finish off this part of the boss.

The final part of the boss is pretty simple. It'll bob up and down and occasionally open it's mouth and fire a gun at you. When it opens it's mouth, use your Laser Trident on it.

Repeat until the boss is destroyed.