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Mega Man 9 Walkthrough Dr. Wily's Castle Stage 1

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You have defeated each boss, but it's time to move on to Dr. Wily's Castle. First, I suggest visiting the store and stocking up. Once you enter the Dr. Wily stages you can't come back to the store without starting over. Even a saved game will start over from the beginning.

The screws you have found can be traded for items here. I suggest you get the lower-left device that automatically fills weapon tanks when you pick up weapon energy, if you haven't already. Stock up on as many Energy Tanks and lives as you can. You may want some of the items that prevent spike death and death from falling in a pit as well. The half damage item can come in handy during the final stage. The Mystery Tank will fill up all your health and weapon tanks, or turn all on-screen creatures into extra lives if they are already full. When you are finished, exit the store and select the Dr. Wily stage.

You are on the first of four stages that must be completed before fighting Dr. Wily.

This first segment is easy. Use your Jewel Satellite and just run to the right, jumping over pits as you come to them. The creatures generally can't hurt you.

You will come to a large, shielded robot. Use your Laser Trident to pierce it's armor.

Use your Tornado Blow weapon to raise up the platform, then climb up the ladder.

Step on this platform and then use your Tornado Blow weapon again to raise the platforms in the room. Careful not to touch the mines when jumping. Climb the ladder upward to the next area.

Get the weapon energy tank and jump onto the platform to the right. Use the Tornado Blow weapon to lift it.

Jump over to the platform and get more weapon energy.

Jump onto the next platform and use Tornado Blow again.

Jump to the right and collect the extra life.

Don't jump to reach this platform, just fall while pressing right. Don't use your Tornado Blow weapon here, just jump to the right and climb up the ladder.

Use your Laser Trident weapon to make quick work of these robots. Climb upward to the next area.

Walk to the left, under the plant robots, stopping for a second or so under each one so the weapon fire doesn't hit you.

Shoot them with your cannon and continue upward.

You've fought this mini-boss before. Just switch to your Tornado Blow weapon and do as much damage as you can with it. If you run out, try using the Hornet Chaser. After he is defeated, head right. Don't go back down the ladder or you'll have to fight him again.

Use the Hornet Chaser to collect the extra life here.

You may want to use your Jewel Satellite here to easily collect plenty of items to fill all your energy back up. When you are ready climb up the ladder.

There is an instant-death laser that goes across the room here. It will turn off and on. Use your Rush Coil to bounce up to the ladder at the right time.

Climb up the ladder. As you are climbing, hold up and right and use your Rush Coil again right before you reach the top of the ladder.

You'll need to jump immediately onto Rush. Your goal is the second ladder. You can also take the first ladder up to get an energy tank.

If you land on the first ladder by mistake, don't drop down. It's too hard to time it without dying. Instead climb up to the next room.

Now you can keep going up to get the energy tank, or go down a screen and drop right away two screens to try to reach the second ladder again.

If you want the energy tank, use your Rush Jet here to reach the next ladder.

Climb up and use your Laser Trident to destroy the large blocks in your path.

Grab the energy tank.

Drop back down when the laser is off.

Drop again immediately so you don't die here.

Use Rush to jump up to the ladder again.

If you have trouble reaching the second ladder, make sure you jump on the right side of Rush to give yourself a bit extra distance.

Wait for the laser before climbing higher.

Don't bother going any higher, there's nothing up above for you. Wait for the laser to shut off and then fall off the ladder from the top while pressing the d-pad right. Also press up to attach yourself to the third ladder when you run into it.

Climb up the ladder when the laser permits it.

Keep heading upwards.

Jump on the swinging platform.

Swing it back and forth until you can jump into the teleportation device.

When you come out the left teleporter, hold the d-pad left to reach the ladder. Climb up.

Jump over to the right ladder. You shouldn't hit your head on the spikes.

Climb the ladder on the right. At the top, use your Rush Jet and ride it over to the top-left ladder, climb up.

Destroy the plant robots and then climb upward.

Use your Laser Trident to destroy this robot, then enter Dr. Wily's door.

This boss is fairly simple. There are four robots on the left that will try to push the large mines your direction. Don't touch the mines or it's instant death.

Use your blaster to shoot the mines into the robots on the right.

Focus your efforts on the bottom two robots to start.

Once you do enough damage, the top two robots will start shooting at you. Do your best to dodge the shots while you keep shooting the spike balls into the bottom two robots.

Eventually, the bottom two robots will stop spawning. Now focus on the second robot.

Once the second robot is dead, attack the top one. It will die quickly. You have defeated the first castle stage.