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MegaMan 10 Walkthrough Commando Man

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The quicksand is instant death if you sink to far.

Use the Watter Shield against these Bomb Pattons. They tend to drop bombs on the mines in the quicksand. Some mine explosions reveal powerups.

Some mine explosions also include Arigock Gs which fire bullets at you.

There are two ways to proceed. Down or to the right.

I went right. The sandstorm randomly occurs and push you in the direction it is flowing.

It helps push you over a pit when the jump is normally too short and the Furaibons can't catch you if you jump along with the current.

When you get to the spikes, run against the current until the sandstorm clears then proceed safely.

Defeat these two enemies and go down again.

Here are some mines that have bolts.

The Tsurare Stamp appears in this stage too. Use a jump to bait it into jumping over you.

It's going to be touch here. Run against the current slowly to avoid being spiked until the sand clears.

Kill the Neo Metall X first to make things easier.

This current pushes you to the right.

Use the Water Shield on this guy or jump over it and head for the door.

Arm your Wheel Cutter and enter the gate.

Commando Man's main weapon is the Commando Bomb.

When it hits a surface it will create a splash effect.

He also creates splash damage when he lands hard.

Use the Wheel Cutters to destroy him before he destroys you.

You got the Commando Bomb.

Commando Bomb demo.