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MegaMan 10 Walkthrough Nitro Man

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This is a Sepa Roader. It is a two-part enemy. If you destroy the Roader, the cannon comes of and attacks. If you destroy the cannon first, the Roader speads up.

This is a Returning Machine Gun Joe. It is similar to its Mega Man 9 counterpart but fires less bullets in a burst.

Use the Rush Coil to get these bolts.

This is a Neo Heli Metall. They will shoot bullets as they hover towards you.

These bus enemies appear throughout the stage. They die when they crash into something. You can hop on them and use them for a ride in some spot.

Throw a Chill Spike on the ground and the bus enemies will die when they run into them. If the blob touches them first, they'll freeze.

Use them to reach higher places.

This is an Oshitsu Osarettsu. Shoot the top to kill it. Shooting the shield will push it back.

This is a spot where you can use the bus for a ride.

Be sure to jump off at the end and climb the ladder before the spikes kill you.

Stay on you toes to avoid the buses. You need to conserve your Chill Spikes for Nitro Man himself. Getting a ride here is dangerous with all those spikes.

I froze the truck too soon here but you can use it to have the Rush Coil to get on the roof above but I decided to stay down.

There's a 1-up if you need it. Just drop down here.

This platform is good for avoiding buses.

Here is a spot to get on the roof.

There is a E-Tank here.

The Count Bomb is here too. Don't get caught in the explosion.

If you want these bolts be careful no to land on the spikes.

The Count Bomb on the left should explode before the one on the bottom left to get the W-Tank.

Time to bust out your Chill Spikes and face Nitro Man.

The blobs will free Nitro Man in place but the real damage comes from the spikes as he runs over them while in his Bike Mode.

An example of Nitro Man frozen.

Ocassionally, Nitro Man will throw Wheel Cutters that arc towards you.

Sometimes he'll throw one while jumping. While in Bike Mode, he'll return to his normal form after she rides up the wall.

You got the Wheel Cutter.

Wheel Cutter demo.