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MegaMan 10 Walkthrough Chill Man

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Meet Kaona Geeno. It throws its face where you stand and it splits into four bullets when it hits the ground.

As seen in this picture here.

The Shield Attacker TRLs appear in this level too. Maneuver past them if you don't have time to fight them.

The ice blocks can be shot away to give you space to run.

Stand on blocks and it will break eventually. You can do it quicker by jumping on it twice.

Remember that when you get to this screen and try to get to a safe spot to fall.

Don't dwaddle when getting the bolt.

You can get the 1-up if you try to take the hit and snag it.

Take the high road and shoot away the ice blocks.

The Count Bomb returns in this game. It's similar to it Mega Man 6 incarnation. Don't get caught in its explosion or you will get damaged.

Get the W Tank and use the Count Bombs to move on. Kill the Shield Attack TRL.

then kill the R Suzy on top.

Use the Water Shield to kill the R Suzy and you can also knock away the face shield of Shield Attacker TRL with it.

The Tsurare Stamp and Garinkou on the bottom can break the ice blocks themselves by landing on them. Use the Water Shield while on the ladder to get rid of it safely.

As you can see it can't even reach you on the ladder.

Swalloweggs launch egg rockets at you. Leap over the rocket and blow past it.

Here is the Garinkou causing damage to the ice blocks.

The trick to Tsurare Stamp's jumps are it will jump far if you jump up and jump low if you stay on the ground. As you can see it's not going to end well for it when it lands.

Arm the Solar Blaze and get ready to face Chill Man.

Fire the Solar Blaze at the start and jump over Chill Man as he slips and slides. For an ice boss, you would expect him to be immune to the ice slip effect.

He will fire two Chill Spikes. One where you stand and the other one on the wall. Solar Blaze nullifies them.

When it hits the surface, the Chill Spike turns into spikes. These are not instant kill but they still do damage and freeze you momentarily.

You get Chill Spike.

Chill Spike demo

Chill Spike demo 2.

You also get the Rush Jet.