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MegaMan 10 Walkthrough Pump Man

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The Numetall spits out purple bubbles that will stick to you and make you slide as if you are on ice.

Darspiders are the cousins of the Deispiders from Mega Man 9. They just move faster.

The Haiker N spits out blobs. The waterfalls hinder your jump a little bit.

The Numetalls can hand upside down too.

Some Haiker Ns are station between columns that have water flowing through them.

Shrimpage 91 swim towards you in the water. They behave just like the Shrinks in Mega Man 2.

It's kind of helpful to have the purple bubbles stick to you so you can hop over this pit in the midst of the waterfalls.

Get a good jump off the edge and you can cross this pit safely.

There are two paths, through the right or down.

I decided to go down.

Meet R Suzy. You met these guys in the very first Mega Man. They act the same too.

The bubbles can carry you to higher places but you don't need them now.

Fall carefully as not to land on the spikes. Watch the pattern of the R Suzies to get past them.

Let the bubble carry you to the right until you hit the ceiling.

Guide yourself to the right to be able to grab the ladder.

Don't jump to high and don't let the bubbles get you here.

Fall in the middle to get the 1-up and jump out carefully.

Get this E-Tank and watch for the spikes.

Kill these R Suzies quickly so they won't be a pain.

Arm your Thunder Wool and prepare to go after Pump Man.

Pump Man guards himself with eight bubbles and tries to jump on you. The Thunder Wool cloud doesn't do much damage.

It's the thunderbolt that does the damage.

Shoot the cloud in the right spot and it will hit Pump Man multiple times.

Nothing special about this shot, this is a picture of Pump Man about to meet his maker as he jumps forward into the thunderbolt.

You got the Water Shield. The colors look similar to regular Mega Man.

Water Shield demo.