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MegaMan 10 Walkthrough Blade Man

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This is a Neo Classic Cannon. You fought these in previous Mega Mans. It arcs shots where you currently stood upon firing.

The Merserkers are axe enemies that try to chop you. Water Shield puts an end to that.

Same story with the Darspider. Especially when jumping over pits.

The Sprinklans behave like the Gabyoall + Springer family. It will speed up when level with you.

A Chill Spike will take it out.

The Shotoms should be dealt with before getting on this see-saw.

The see-saw helps you proceed faster and get to higher places but it will be helpful later on.

Such as here where you got to cross the spikes but use Water Shield so the Merserkers won't bother you.

The miniboss is Tricastle Use the Solar Blaze to attack both the top eyes with one shot and Water Shield on the bottom.

The top eyes shoot turrets and the castle sends platforms to reach them.

When you defeat Tricastle, it gives a tribute to Super Mario Bros.

Now here is where the see-saw is important.

Use the Commando Bomb on the left barrier wall to get the W-Tank.

To make things easier. Use the Rush Jet and shoot to kill any Shotoms in the way.

Arm the Commando Bomb to take on Sword Man.

Get close to Blade Man and the Triple Blade won't hit you. The trick to damaging him is not to hit him with the missile part of the Commando Bomb but the splash effect from hitting the surface.

Stand behind Blade Man when he is on the ceiling. You can guide the missile's path to hit the ceiling.

He will jump to the left wall next and it's the same story as he was on the right. Get close to avoid the attack.

You got the Triple Blade.

Triple Blade demo.

Triple Blade air demo.