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MegaMan 10 Walkthrough Wily Stage 1

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This level is full of Tsurare Stamps.

Use Triple Blades to take them out.

Time to do the first in a series of old boss gauntlets.

You fight the Weapon Archives three times total. Each one contains one boss from the previous nine numbered Mega Man games. Mega Man 1 boss is Elec Man.

He fires his Elec Beam at you but it doesn't do that much damage like it did in Mega Man 1.

His weakness is the Wheel Cutter.

Mega Man 2 boss is Wood Man. He fires his Leaf Shield at you but he falls quickly to the Triple Blade.

Mega Man 3 boss is Gemini Man. His weakness is the Wheel Cutter too.

His Gemini Laser moves faster in this game.

After you defeat all three bosses, the stage continues and the music changes.

Stand in the right spot and the spikes won't even touch you.

Blow up the junk on the right and go down that path.

Zig Zag your way through all these enemies.

Blow up the junk on the left and go down that path.

Get the 1-up at your own risk.

Take the left road.

Hit the Count Bomb then pull back carefully.

Mega Man 6 boss is Flame Man. Water beats Fire so that's too obvious what his weakness is.

Mega Man 5 boss is Napalm Man.

Avoid his Napalm Bombs and hit him with your Rebound Striker.

Mega Man 4 boss is Ring Man. Avoid his rings and hit him with the Solar Blazes.

It's still not over yet. se Triple Blades on these Pointans.

Beware of the spikes when on these Count Bombs.

There is no safe to stand outright so jump to the safest location as the top layers vanish.

Try to stay in the center of the spikes.

You have to guid yourself to the right to avoid landing on them.

One more Tsurare Stamp before the final archives. Go down the ladder just a little.

Use the Water Shield to take it out.

The Mega Man 9 boss is Tornado Man. Place the Thunder Wool in the right spit to really destroy him in no time.

Avoid the Tornandos that rise in random spots.

Mega Man 7 boss is Slash Man. Chill Spike is his weakness but it is hard to time it for him to land on the spikes so I used Triple Blade in this case.

Mega Man 8 boss is Frost Man. Once again, use the splash effect to damage him.

Be sure to jump over his Ice Wave.

Once these three are gone, the level is over.